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ROH's Jay Briscoe shows questionable Twitter judgement

Jay Briscoe - his ROH character unsurprisingly is not a fan of gay marriage being legalised in New York.  (Photo by <a href="">daysofthundr46 on Wikimedia Commons</a>)
Jay Briscoe - his ROH character unsurprisingly is not a fan of gay marriage being legalised in New York. (Photo by daysofthundr46 on Wikimedia Commons)

Yesterday, ROH's Jay Briscoe unfortunately followed in the footsteps of Dumb and Dumber - Matt Hardy and Michael Cole in using a homophobic slur on a social media site:

Damn theres a lot of fags out in New York today #WhatTheFuckless than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

I'm not going to come down on Briscoe like a ton of bricks for this infraction, because his Twitter page is clearly in character and he plays a heel country boy gimmick in ROH.  But there's no need to use gay slurs to get over your redneck persona.  He's already proven that he can cut a great promo without resorting to such cheap heat tactics:

Moreover, it's another display of remarkably poor judgement, now that ROH is owned by a corporate entity in Sinclair Broadcasting.  As David Bixenspan noted a month ago, Jay Briscoe and his brother Mark have already unnerved executives once before with their performance at ROH's Supercard of Honor on May 21st in Chicago.  They weren't comfortable with the idea of them having a bloodbath with the All Night Express with a black lynching spot (The Briscoes hung Kenny King with a chain over the top rope while racially taunting him).  Indeed, when a fan asked the execs whether this was the sort of thing they would show on TV, he received a terse "No".  I doubt Jay Briscoe and ROH are on GLAAD's or TMZ's radar yet, given that TNA got away scott free with portraying Orlando Jordan as a depraved bisexual heel last year, so I'm sure nothing will come of this, but it's not worth the risk.  In a big corporation like Sinclair Broadcasting I'm sure there will have been many dissenting voices to their purchase of a low rent rasslin promotion; please don't provide them with ammunition to back up such a derogatory opinion.

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