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TNA star Ric Flair pays money owed to Highspots from past loans

On Saturday, Highspots posted the following message on their Facebook page:

Letting our own social media get the scoop, we have FINALLY been paid by Ric Flair for the debt dating back years ago. No jail time for Naitch. Whichever Angel pitched in the $ for him THANK YOU.

Flair had until today to pay, so he cut it pretty close.  Now, this long, fascinating chapter in wrestling history is largely over.  For a point by point history of how all this went down, you can check out my post from a month ago when Flair was first charged with contempt of court.  The interview that Highspots owner Michael Bochicchio gave a few weeks ago is also worth devoting some time to.

Meanwhile, there is still a little bit more to the story.  Bochicchio is planning on writing a book about the whole ordeal.  It was first reported that the book would be called "Memoirs of a Money Mark" and be more about his own experiences, but he later posted a Facebook comment saying that "Its not going to be a book about my specific issue per se but about why he was pushed into the retirement match and the choices that were made for the next several years that led to this point. Its my opinion that unless WWE steps in and gives him a lucrative lifetime parachute deal like they offered Shawn Michaels, this thing will continue to spiral downward and this story is headed for an incredibly sad ending."

As far as ROH's lawsuit against Flair (for not refunding the $5,000 per show deposits for shows he cancelled), it's still pending but there have been rumblings that it'll disappear. Since Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. has purchased the company, the money is less vital to their survival.

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