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Update on Nate Marquardt's UFC Firing

Yesterday, Dana White made a shocking announcement that Nate Marquardt had failed his pre-fight medical exam, would not be competing in tonight's main event, and was officially no longer with the UFC. 

Initially, the rumors ran rampant. The first dominant story was that Marquardt had come in extremely over weight. That story was disproven by E. Casey Layden of All Elbows. Layden posted this video which shows Marquardt in what appeared to be perfect physical shape, and right on weight. Here's the video:

At 4pm ET today, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission is set to make a statement regarding the situation, and answer some questions. As of right now (4:12pm), there have been no developments. Check back to this post for updates. 

MMAFighting's Ariel Helwani tweeted the following a few minutes ago:

@ArielHelwani: "Here's what Greg Sirb, the executive director of the PA commission, said regarding Nate Marquardt: 

'Nate failed the medical requirements for the fight and was put on suspension by the PA athletic commission until he provides a medical report showing that he's satisfied those requirements. He was given every opportunity to meet the requirements up until Saturday at 3 pm. The Athletic commission is not free to disclose what requirements he failed to meet. The suspension is indefinite. As soon as Marquardt can provide what they are looking for, he will not be suspended anymore.'

 Of course, I tried to ask multiple times why he failed the test, but Sirb said that was all he was going to discuss and the rest is up to Nate Marquardt.

Dan Stupp went into a little but more detail in his article at MMA Junkie. Apparently, Marquardt had some sort of issue that needed resolving, and had plenty of time to resolve the matter, prior to yesterday's weigh-ins. Here's what Greg Sirb told Stubb:

"He's been put on suspension," Sirb told ( "When he meets those requirements, he'll be taken off. How long of a suspension is up to him."

"We gave him every opportunity," Sirb said. "The last report we got was 4 o'clock yesterday. We had given him as much leeway as we could, but obviously, when you've got a live event, you've got to make a call at that time.

"(It's) pretty straight-forward stuff. You've got to meet these requirements, and there's no ifs ands or buts about it. Unfortunately, he did not. I felt for the kid. I really did. He knew about it, and I think he was trying."

For now, it looks like we will not know any more information until later tonight. A statement from Marquardt's camp is expected to be read during the Versus pre-fight show w/ Ariel Helwani. Dana White is also expected to be interviewed. It would be surprising if White did not have more to say on the matter during the show.

Dana White and Pennsylvania Athletic Commissioner Greg Sirb both appeared on the Versus Pre-fight show with Ariel Helwani, Stefan Bonnar and Todd Harris. 

During the interview, Sirb stuck to his guns and would not give any new info out. He stated that Marquardt is indefinitely suspended until he rectifies whatever his situation may be. He said that Pennsylvania has extra stringent HIPPA regulations which prohibit him from saying more about Marquardt's condition and/or medical failure. 

Dana White looked uncomfortably restrained. During the interview, White stated the following:

Marquardt has been cut by the UFC, and will never fight in the UFC again. I'm disgusted with him...

...He (Marquardt) is going to have to 'man up' and tell the world why he didn't pass his medical.

Dana looked like it was absolutely killing him to keep the secret, but it was evident that he legally cannot do so. According to Marquardt's camp, an official statement will be made on Tuesday. Those in Maruqardt's camp have been tweeting and trying to encourage to fans to "wait and see" before they make a judgment. Looks like we don't have any other choice.

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