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WWE Diva Melina's latest bizarre Youtube video is a response to Gail Kim

WWE diva/ crazy person Melina put this mildly worrying video on her YouTube channel yesterday:

The context: She's responding to a tweet fellow diva Gail Kim made, calling Melina "emotionally unstable." The video speaks for itself: Melina appears spaced out, looks rather scary sans make-up, acts extremely erratic, and generally comes off like that crazy girl out of the movie The Roommate.

People have claimed that, bad as the video may seem, this is, in fact, simply a work/shoot angle the two are working on together (the two have had the matches on barely-watched Superstars lately). There's likely some truth in this. But the fact is: would WWE approve of a diva putting out a video were she looks absolutely awful, comes off like a nutcase and makes distinctly non-PG threats against another performer? And why would WWE want the girls to draw attention to the backstage claims that Melina is slightly crazy? Considering the trouble Twitter and Youtube have gotten Melina into in the past, she should really know better. The video has been up less than a day, and currently has over 32,000 views...and not, I suspect, because people are interested in a program between Gail and Melina on Superstars.

Additionally, the comments on YouTube have, unsurprisingly, been overwhelmingly scathing and very insulting. Just a selection:

"why does she look like michael jackson in this vid?"

"oh my god thats scary to say the least"

"melina looks psycho here. . . kinda creepy"

"you're legitimately insane Melina. seek out some mental help, you need desperately"

"Yes, being a psychotic slut is something to be proud of, Melina, good one. Oh, and dear lord wear the sh*t ton of make up you need to look even remotely attractive in future videos. Hard to keep my lunch down with that video"

"oh sh*t! She looks like the joker without makeup :/"

"this video is disturbing"

"John Morrison wouldn't hug Trish Stratus for that? Jesus"

"Melina just called someone else a skank? Oh the irony..."

If this video is real and not a storyline...Yikes. If this video is a storyline, however, it was still a huge mistake for Melina, because, real or fake, she comes off as a trainwreck badly in need of help.

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