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Scott Hall to spend over a week in jail in July

As TMZ reported earlier today, Scott Hall has finally been sentenced over his May 2010 arrest for disorderly intoxication in a Florida bar and resisting arrest when the police arrived to remove him from the premises.  Hall, who I believe has avoided jail sentences for his past skirmishes with the law, wasn't so lucky here, as he was sentenced to ten days in prison.  There was some confusion over how much time Hall would actually spend in jail due to time served when he was originally arrested.  TMZ claimed it was reduced to just two days, but as clarified soon after it was actually reduced by just two days, so he'll spend eight days in jail from July 5th to July 13th.  Unsurprisingly, Hall who has spent most of the past three months in really rough shape, in part due to his drug addictions, will have to stay in the medical unit of the Seminole County jail due to his continuing poor health.  Recent Cageside Seats coverage of Hall's personal problems is given by the links below:

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Sadly jail may be the best place for Hall, as he's consistently refused to go back into rehab for his recurring drug problems this year, despite his health continuing to decline.

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