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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 6/20/11 Power to the People


via By Met Kendrick

With Capital Punishment behind us, we know have another three hour RAW to enjoy. Cena retained his title, so we have to see where that goes. Also the main hook for tonight is a viewers choice of sorts. Tune in tonight to catch all of the excitement. Also check in here as I blog live as these events take place.

Starting off Raw tonight, CM Punk comes down to the ring. He beat Rey Mysterio last night, now he is sitting in the Ring. After a few digs at the Baltimore audience, he says he is the best wrestler in the world. He has beaten Rey and Cena in the last week. Since wins and loses matter, he should be the number one contender. He wants the GM to make it official. The GM chimes in and ask CM Punk to leave the ring and doesn't answer the question. They chime in again to say he suggest he leaves right now. The GM chimes in again the 3rd time. They make a match between Punk, Del Rio, and Mysterio to be the number one contender.

Kelly Kelly wins the vote and she win now face Brie Bella.

Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly The Bella twins are playing the twin mind games early on. Kelly is in trouble early on. Kelly keeps trying to get some offense in but can't. Then, she reverses into a roll up for the win. Kelly Kelly is the new Diva Champion. Winner: Kelly Kelly

After the match The King interviews Kelly Kelly now thanks the WWE Universe for voting for her.

I like how for the last 2 weeks on RAW they have had a video package for a superstar. This week it is Evan Bourne.

Mason Ryan vs Evan Bourne The fans voted for Mason Ryan to fight Evan. Mason is tearing up Evan and the fans are chanting Batista. Mason does look like Batista. The announcers ignore the chants. Bourne mounts some offense with kick and knees and gets Mason on his knees. That's about it though. Mason gets the win and all the help of the video package goes for nothing Winner: Mason Ryan

Mark Henry vs Kane Before the match Henry cuts a promo. He punished Show last night. Now it is Kane's turn. I like Henry and hope he gets a push. We will find out the match after the break. The match is set. it will be a Arm Wrestling match. Mark backs away as they get ready to start twice. This time Kane backs away. Henry is staring to get it. Then Henry attacks Kane. Henry lays out Kane with the Arm Wrestling table. He is tearing Kane up. Now he is going for the announce table. Worlds Strongest Slam . Kane has been punished. Winner: Kane As the paramedic goes to help Kane Henry chases him away and says let him suffer.

They recap the last few weeks of Truth and then he comes out. Truths promo's are getting better. He really hate the "what's" though. Last night he got got by Little Jimmy. Now, out comes Christian. he is agreeing with Truth. He blames the WWE Universe also. Christian shows the clip of him being pinned even with his foot under the rope. Now out comes the Miz. He is upset that Riley won last night. the crowd chants AWESOME. Then they take turns at their lines. Out comes Teddy Long, he sets a 3 on 3 tag match for tonight's main event. the stipulation will be picked by the fans. They will face Alex Riley, Randy Orton , and John Cena.

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler US Championship Match Vickie has lost a lot of weight, and she looks good. I really hate Lawler's jokes. The stipulation is in and it will be a 2 out of 3 falls match. Kofi starts out real aggressive. I like that Broski in a Bottle poster. Kofi almost gets a 3 count with a backslide. Then they go to break after Kofi takes a spill out of the ring. Coming back from break and is seems Kofi lost the first fall of the match. Kofi wins the second fall. Dolph is slow to get up nut he was playing possum. Dolph takes control until he gets caught. Kingston is in control and he is about to win the title back. Dolph goes to leave, grabs the belt and Kofi follows. Dolph tries to hit Kofi with the belt and the Trouble in Paradise. Kofi gets him back in the ring but only gets a 2 count as Dolph grabbed the ropes. Dolph gets himself disqualified and keeps his belt. As Dolph tries to celebrate he gets another Trouble in Paradise. Winner: Kofi Kingston

Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk Number One Contender Match Before the match Del Rio informs us that he thought it was an accident what happened to show with his car. He has change his mind. It was destiny. When he wins tonight it will be destiny. Rey Mysterio is the last one out and the fans have picked a Falls Count Anywhere match. This match is going be crazy. They go to break with all three men down outside the ring. As we come back, no one is still in control. Nice sequence there I can't type fast enough. This match is shaping up to be pretty good. Rey finally gets his 619 on Rio, as Rey is going for the pin in comes Punk for the steal. Winner: CM Punk July 17 2011 will be historic according to Punk. He will beat Cena that night for the title. Now he is gonna be honest. It is the day his WWE contract comes to an end. He wants to win the title and take the belt with him

Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan No Count Out Match Daniel is taking it to Cody early on. He Daniel gets a pin on a school boy. He then puts the LeBelle lock on Cody after he tried to attack him. Ted DiBiasi comes out for the save. Winner: Daniel Bryan

Vickie vs Cole Dance Off Vickie did her dance first. now Cole is dancing. He looks like a fool. Like he is in pain. Winner: Vickie Vickie smacks him after the match.

R-Truth, Christian, and The Miz vs Alex Riley, Randy Orton, and John Cena. Elimination Match. Cena and Miz start thing off. Cena tags in Orton, but he gets in trouble. His opponents are tagging in and out frequently. Christian goes for a spear but is caught and power slammed by Orton. In comes Riley. Riley doesn't last too long in the ring at all and is the first eliminated. After the break Cena gets tagged in as Orton was in trouble. After a short run, now Cena is in trouble. Cena was able to get the Skull Crushing Finale. the Miz is gone. Orton eliminates Truth then Christian eliminated Orton. Cena sneaks in and gets Christian. Winner John Cena, Randy Orton, and Alex Riley

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