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Averno update: He says he's not going to WWE but his father says he is

Over at, The Cubs Fan has had various updates on the news from earlier in the week that WWE has signed top CMLL heel/rudo Avern so he can feud with Sin Cara..

For starters, I have to correct the original post I made: Averno's mask match at Jucio Final is a singles match with La Mascara, who will be in Mexico.

Anyway, Averno did an inteview with Record (in Spanish, of course) where he said the he hasn't signed with WWE or even had a tryout with them.  He only admits to having a few conversations with WWE representatives and will prove that he's telling the truth when he defeats La Mascara at Jucio Final.  He was also critical of the people (presumably referring to Super Luchas) who reported that he had signed.

If it wasn't clear as soon as that interview was posted that he was protecting the Jucio Final main event and his big payoff, then it became incredibly obvious the next day when his father, CMLL referee Rodolfo "Baby" Ruiz, told Cinco Radio that his son was indeed going to WWE (this link is also in Spanish).

Meanwhile, Astro Boy, Sin Cara's brother (using Cara's pre-Mistico gimmick), is reportedly jumping  from CMLL to AAA.  It looks like he will be debuting this Saturday at Arena Neza as Argos, the new member of La Fuerza Aerea (The Air Force).  CMLL, continuing to stick their collective head in the sand, is still advertising that he will be on tomorrow night's weekly TV taping at Arena Mexico.

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