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Warrior's full length shoot interview about Hulk Hogan is a damp squib

The Ultimate Warrior at a time when Sean Waltman claims he had regular "prayer sessions" at arenas.  (Via
The Ultimate Warrior at a time when Sean Waltman claims he had regular "prayer sessions" at arenas. (Via

As promised, on June 17th Warrior delivered his full length 55 minute Karma Collects shoot interview about Hulk Hogan for free in nine instalments on YouTube, together with another video explaining why he went through with posting it after Hogan had disingenuously asked for a truce and offered Warrior an olive branch via Twitter earlier in the week.  All these videos are included after the jump for you to peruse if you so wish, but I really wouldn't recommend watching them all, as most of his best material was shown in his 7 minute preview video last week.  One thing that became clearer was the answer to the question I posed last week - "what's his game?".  He's clearly sick and tired of many of his ex colleagues, particularly Hogan, maliciously burying his career and character in shoot interviews any chance they get, with Hogan's latest remarks to Michael Schiavello being the straw that broke the Warrior's back, so he's just venting to get revenge.  He's also supposedly working on a book and this would create anticipation for that, but then again I wouldn't hold my breath, as his major announcement regarding his return to television was nowhere to be seen.  After the jump, as well as the videos, is a rundown of the few things of note in the full footage that weren't apparent from his preview:

  • In part one, he complains about Hogan coming up with several Ultimate Warrior ripoff gimmicks over the years including Renegade and oddly the less well remembered Trytan.  It seems that even Warrior has forgotten that Trytan was a failed attempt by Dusty Rhodes to repackage the tall, muscular TNA wrestler Ryan Wilson into a major star in early 2005 at a time when Hogan was still in the WWE fold.  There's also a really odd story about Eric Bischoff being over the moon when Warrior was about to come into WCW in 1998 because Hogan was filming a movie at the time called The Ultimate Weapon in which he had hair like Warrior's.
  • In part two, Warrior claims that one of Hogan's catchphrases back in the day was "A day without smoking pot brother is like a day without sunshine".  He also blamed Hogan for turning guys in WCW onto a substance called "juvi juice" or "rejuvenation juice" that many got high and OD'd on.  As Sean Waltman explains on his blog, "juvi juice" was a legal supplement at the time sold under various names like Renutrient and was a chemical precursor to GHB.  In his blog post Waltman called Warrior a hypocrite for airing Hogan's dirty laundry without mentioning his own, like the rumours that he was once a "gay prostitute" (male escort) in Atlanta and his "prayer sessions" at arenas, which was apparently his own code for smoking a joint.
  • Part three is just the usual ego fuelled, pseudo-intellectual philosophical Warrior BS that we all know and love, where he tries to blame Hulkamania for the screwed up state of our culture today.
  • In part four, Warrior bashes Hogan for exaggerating his recent reconnection with Randy Savage in order to make himself look good after he passed away from a heart attack while driving.  Warrior claims that Hogan mocked and ridiculed Savage prior to his death in one of his Hulk Hogan and Friends tour shows for inviting him to a family barbecue, which was apparently beneath Hogan.  He criticises Hogan's characterisation of Savage in the Schiavello interview as a reclusive hermit in the years before his death when he had spent much of that time looking after his ageing parents.  He also sort of insinuates that Hogan was responsible for the slippery slope that led to Miss Elizabeth's premature death by encouraging her to go out and party more while Savage was on the road, and eventually to file for divorce.
  • In part five, Warrior just makes fun of how Hulk has brought up his children, Brooke and Nick, in particular Nick's car crash with John Graziano that left his friend comatose.
  • In part six, Warrior unsurprisingly says that Hogan's account of their WrestleMania 6 match together in the Schiavello interview was false and that he didn't want to go home after just five minutes.
  • In part seven, Warrior claims that Hogan was lying recently when Hogan said that Warrior had reached out to him and asked him to help out in the deposition stages of Warrior's lawsuit against WWE over their 2005 Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior DVD, but he wouldn't play ball and told the truth, and that's why Warrior is unhappy with him.  In the DVD, WWE falsely portrayed that Warrior had held up Vince McMahon for more money on the night of the SummerSlam 1991 show and Hogan went along with that portrayal saying that at the time he was so mad that he wanted to sort the problem out himself by roughing Warrior up backstage after their tag team match together.  Warrior claims that when Hogan was deposed and shown the footage of what he had to say about that incident on the DVD, he told the judge that he had no idea about what happened and that he couldn't remember anything.  "I never called you to help me Terry, but you helped me, thanks brother".
  • In this part he also claimed that Hogan made up his attempted suicide story in his second autobiography My Life Outside The Ring and bashed Hogan for his strange tweets in response to Edge's retirement where Hogan insinuated that an old school tough guy would have worked through such an injury.
  • In part eight, Warrior just takes his promo home and there's nothing of real substance in this video.
  • The "Melted Cheese Mind" bonus video is Warrior at his trippiest and makes you think he might still be having prayer sessions.

In conclusion, it's hard to know who to pull for in this online feud.  Hogan may be more disingenuous, but Warrior seems even more narcissistic and egomaniacal than Hogan is. 










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