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Randy Orton has been medically cleared for WWE Capitol Punishment

As I mentioned on Wednesday, Randy Orton suffered a concussion at the WWE house show in Barcelona, Spain last weekend.  Late last night, Smackdown World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton tweeted that he passed WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon's ImPACT test for determining concussion severity, so he has been cleared to defend his title as scheduled against Christian at tomorrow night's WWE Capitol Punishment PPV event:

About to take an Impact test. It will determine if I can be cleared to fight Christian, after receiving a concussion. Wish me luck.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply


In recent months, Maroon and the ImPACT tests have drawn more scrutiny, in large part because allegedly, the tests can be beaten by taking Ritalin.  Orton being cleared to work five days after suffering a concussion sounds questionable at best regardless of how well he seems to be doing.

For more on Maroon, Irv Muchnick's been doing a great job covering the various controversies surrounding him at his Wrestling Babylon blog.

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