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Josh Barnett Cuts a "Hard Times" Promo at Strikeforce Open Workouts

Josh Barnett is one of the most talked about names in MMA's heavyweight division, and it's not always good.  In fact, it's hardly good.  He's failed drug tests for steroids multiple times, and his most recent failure was the final nail in the coffin for Affliction's MMA promoting run, and we missed out on watching him fight Fedor Emelianenko.  That said, Josh Barnett cut a classic professional wrestling style promo at the Strikeforce open workouts today, and might I say, he's a better talker than some WWE headliners (I'm looking at you, R-Truth).  Via MMAJunkie:

"I've been sitting on the sidelines, sitting there watching everybody go out and fight. Hard times have been on Josh Barnett. Dealing with athletic commissions. Everybody saying, 'You did this, and you did that. You're the problem for this.' That's hard times. Hard times for my family. Hard times for my friends. Hard times by me. Hard times not being able to get a fight. Hard times is the company, waking up one day, is saying they've been sold out to your competitor! Not knowing what the hell you're going to do. Where's my contract at? Where's my money? Where's my security? Who says I'm going to get that shot now? Having that on your mind? That's hard times.

"And then you get this big old Brett Rogers in front of you. He thinks he knows what's tough. He thinks he's going to make a name off of my head. So I've got to get up every morning, break of dawn. I've got to get those running shoes on. I've got to hit that concrete; I've got to get those miles under my feet. My knees are aching, my body is sore. I've got guys like 'Hammer' beating on me every single day. I've got body breaking down, my mind getting pushed, feeling the effects of 14 years of fighting – feeling the effects of trying to put yourself in the best condition you can be in. Waking up every day having to deal with that? That's what hard times is about.

"I'm going to tell you what Brett Rogers. Come Saturday, American Airlines Arena? I'm going to give you a lesson in hard times. I'm going to take all that anguish, all that pain, everything that I have been through, everything all my family has been through, everything all my coaches have been through – I'm going to put that on you, Brett Rogers. I'm going to show you exactly what hard times is about. Who wants to see that? Not you, Brett Rogers. You do not want to see that."

I wonder, is Barnett a Dusty Rhodes fan?...

Video of Barnett at the open workouts, and his promo, after the jump.

Wow those MMA moves sure looked funny...eye rakes...wait a minute...wait a minute!  Yeah, this was amazing.

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