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WWE Champion John Cena: Homophobic rap Re: The Rock was "misconstrued"

The Washington Blade, a Washington, DC based gay news site, interviewed WWE John Cena a couple days ago while he was visiting children at Georgetown University Hospital and posted footage of it on YouTube:

Somewhat unsurprisingly, interviewer asked Cena about his homophobic rap directed at The Rock on Monday Night Raw during the Wrestlemania 27 buildup that got him and WWE in hot water with GLAAD.  Cena commented on the situation (the interviewer's specific question wasn't shown) by saying "I think it was completely misconstrued...uh...I certainly have no judgment or...[unintelligible] position to judge how anyone lives their life or their lifestyle.  I just think it was something that, uh, Rock or Dwayne might've taken out of context, and, uh, I think it was completely blown...blown out of proportion."

The interviewer then followed up by asking if Cena had made an effort to "change lyrics in [his] poems [his] raps as a result of it."  Cena replied "Absolutely, like, uh, obviously, when, uh, you get a shockwave of that magnitude, especially, uh, when I'm in the position that I am, I'm certainly put in the forefront of our programming, and I like being in that spot, so if I've offended anybody I've certainly made my apologies just due.  It's not something that was my intention, like I said, it was taken out of context, and I've certainly changed, uh, my outlook on everything.  I know where I am, I know where I stand, and it's not something that was my intention, so it's not something you'll see again."

Misconstrued, really?  Not even taking into account his history of inferring that heels were gay as an insult, let's just take a look at the rap in question, which is what sparked the controversy and what was spoken about here:

Finally the Rock came back and everyone was getting with it
Till he said I was talking trash, but he was never specific.
It was because I wasn't talking trash Rock, I was talking truth.
You left us hanging high and dry to play a fairy with a tooth?
And then you walk into this ring and say that I'm lame man?
He wore lipstick in Get Shorty and rocked a skirt for the Game Plan.
This Fruity Pebble that you are dealing with ...
I'm not the average Jabroni
I'm like a big purple pinwheel so go ahead and blow me.

And you're electrifying, yes
But hang with me, that's just absurd.
Now you gotta tell your family
That you got schooled by Barney's turd.
Cena says that's Rock material, you can have the joke back
Just don't go racing to Witch Mountain because your mountain is Brokeback.
The Rock's new movie well, it's nothing like Walking Tall,
He spends all movie in a bowling alley polishing my balls.

The People's Champ, he's never with the people.
Rock, you're words are see through.
You imitate me every time you leave.
For seven years we couldn't see you.
Is it Rock or is it Dwayne
Pick a side come on son.
If I was you I would stick with Rock
Because Dwayne ain't got a John... son.
You'll see me at Wrestlemania.
Well then I'll make sure not to miss it.
You ain't gonna whip my candy ass,
I'll make sure you kiss it.

You're the Wrestlemania Host Rock.
That's your role, so know it.
You tell these people you love ‘em
I'm here every week to show ‘em
That's called a first round knockout and now you know I'm not playing.
Run your mouth all you want dude, it doesn't matter what you're saying.

Seriously?  It's not surprising that that Cena was noticeably flustered than usual by the question (there was a LOT of uncharacteristic "uh...", "like...", and mumbling for an experienced celebrity public speaker at his level).  Look at that thing.  I can see the argument for not counting the last set of lyrics that I put in bold text, but in the context of the rest of the rap, I would say it counts.  Just about everything not about The Rock "abandoning" WWE and the fans is about painting him as gay and insulting him for it.  Also, Cena asking Rock to perform fellatio on him.  I guess Cena is invoking The Bill Clinton Rule: The deponent of the act isn't having sexual relations.  Thus, while The Rock was going to town on him, it wouldn't make Cena gay.

Then again, there was was also his other rap about The Rock, which, while toned down, still featured THIS:

And I'm so glad this thing is over so I can cross it off my checklist.
Rock didn't win, but it's okay, I'll give him a pearl necklace.

"Blow me" is at least a common enough insult that it just makes Cena look homophobic.  When you get to the point of "dissing" a guy by threatening to...uh...arrive on his chest...I don't even know when to start.  It's so out there, unprecedented, and oddly specific that it's hilarious for exactly the opposite reason of what Cena intended.  Anyway, when you add up Cena's various promos calling various heels gay, the big rap devoted to saying The Rock is gay, and his's odd threat to...give comeuppance to The Rock, his response is offensively pathetic and the reporter should have been better prepared to call him out on such an obvious lie and faux apology.

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