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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 6/13/11 WWE All Star Night


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Tonight is the special WWE All Star edition of RAW. Steve Austin is the guest GM and both Raw and Smackdown superstars will be on hand. This is also the last PPV before Capital Punishment. I expect the final touches to be put on the John Cena vs R Truth feud. I am really looking forward to how Miz and Riley play out. I think there feud will last a while, it really has potential. Should be a good show. Don't forget it comes on a 8 ET and last 3 hours.

Kicking off Raw tonight, we find out that John Cena will fight CM Punk tonight in the main event.

The Miz comes out first, they show a recap of last week how Austin stunned him helping cause him to lose last week. The crowd is hot tonight, they won't let him talk. The Miz has demanded an apology from Austin. Austin and old wrestlers like the Rock, must be jealous of him. He comes right out at the mention of his name. Austin is on a roll early on, he is not impressed by The Miz. He tell the Mix to keep his lips shut while his are moving. He is impressed with Riley though. He grabs The Miz by his tie. He sets up a Pipers Pit with The Miz and Alex Riley. Miz is upset and he will do something to get back at Austin.

As The Miz is leaving, Alberto Del Rio comes out being announced by his ring announcer. He introduces himself to Stone Cold. He says Austin is here to pass the torch to him. He says the rumors have been flying around all day the Steve wants to see him. To see what greatness looks like. Austin is not impressed though. Austin set him up with a match tonight, as in right now. Kane.

Kane vs Alberto Del Rio The match start right after the break. Kane is on the offensive and he wants to pay Del Rio back for what he did to Show. Del Rio is able to turn things around pretty quickly. He is working on Kane's shoulder, warming him up for his Cross arm breaker. Kane powers out of it, but he is favoring his shoulder arm already. Del Rio gets his Arm breaker locked in but Kane gets to the ropes. Del Rio refuses to break and is disqualified. He has the moved locked in and is trying to injure Kane. Out comes the Big Show. He is running and I mean fast. Del Rio Escapes after Rodriguez helps. Too bad for Rodriguez, he takes a beating from Show. Kane has to choke Show to stop him from killing him. Austin comes out and names The Big Show vs Del Rio for Capital Punishment. Winner: Kane

Coming back from break they show Rodriguez being taken out on a stretcher.

Wade Barrett, Ted DiBiasi, and Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson, and Sin Cara Cody and Sin Cara start things off. After a few good shots Cara tags in Bryan. Now that the Corre is over I expect Wade Barrett's career to take off. Now Zeke and Barrett are in at the same time. I do like Zeke's Body slams, even if the torture rack is dumb in a tag match. Sin Cara pins Wade after a body splash off the top rope. Winners: Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson, and Sin Cara

Hornswoggle is in the ring coming out of break. He is shooting T Shirts. R-Truth comes out and he says it looks like he is having fun shooting t shirts to the little Jimmy and Jenny's. He tells Hornswoggle not to be scared because he is a "good" R Truth. Hornswoggle shoots him with the T Shirt gun and Truth snaps. He goes to beat up Hornswoggle and pretends he changed his mind, only to kick him when he put his guard down. Austin chimes in on TV and he says Truth will fight Morrison tonight. Truth Kicks Hornswoggle one more time and leaves the ring.

Santino vs Sheamus Lots of commercial breaks but no breaks to any matches so that's good. It seems to me the last few weeks they have been do that. Sheamus is in full control of this match. Santino goes on a short lived run. He even land the Cobra. Sheamus puts Santino in a Cloverleaf and Santino taps.Sheamus now has a submission finisher. Winner: Sheamus

Coming back from break, a recap of the events between Christian and Orton is shown. I like Christian in his feud on Smackdown. If you don't watch Smackdown, you should.

Orton comes down to the ring and he isn't happy. His Mic isn't working at first but they get it settled and he gives a recap of how it is going for him on Smackdown. He is the Champ but he is not satisfied. He wants Christian to come to the ring. He promises he only wants to talk. No attacks. He waits and Then says ok I was joking. I will hurt you at the first chance. Christian is on the screen now, he got to WWE through hard work Randy was born into it. Christian polls the crowd to see if they want him to come out. they want him to, but he still won't go. Orton said is Edge were still here he would carry him out there like he has done his whole career. Christian says fine, I am coming out. Christian is making his way out to the ring but stops short. Orton chases but security comes out intercedes. The GM chimes in and makes an announcement. He said that Randy has a concussion and cannot wrestle tonight. He has to leave the arena now. If he doesn't comply he will be stripped of the World Heavyweight Title. Orton leaves and then Austin chimes in. Next Christian faces Rey Mysterio.

For Capital Punishment, CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio, the match is now official.

Christian vs Rey Mysterio Booker comes out to join commentary. I am a fan of Christian and this match is starting out pretty good. Then they go to break during the match for the first time tonight. Coming back and Christian is in control. He fails to break on a 5 count and is disqualified. Most of the match was during the break. CM Punk comes out and he is followed by New Nexus. Rey goes for his 619 but Mason Ryan catches him and rams him into the turn buckle. He gives him back to Christian. Kill Switch. Winner: Rey Mysterio

Vicky and Dolph come up to Austin they want a favor. Dolph wants a US Championship match. He gives it to him, on one condition. He has to drop Vickie as manager. He agreed to it, then Austin says he was just messing around. He already made the match.

R-Truth vs John Morrison They remind us that Truth put Morrison out. That was the night he turned. This is Morrison time for revenge. Morrison's music hits and no one comes out. Then his music hits again and still no one. Truth get a mic and tell him to come out. He is chasing Morrison down now. He comes across Morrison laying hurt in the back. Looks like no one will ever get to see the match. Morrison, you got got. then for good measure he rams a heavy equipment chest at him. Morrison is crying. "Take that little Jimmy" Winner: None

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston Before the match they show a good Dolph package. Well done. Nice match to this point I like a good tag match and this is one. Not great, but at least it's good. Kofi hits a trouble in paradise from outside. Bourne hits Air Bourne and then gets the Pin. Booker is really selling the Air Bourne. He loves that move. Winner: Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne

Pipers Pit I always enjoy seeing Roddy Piper. 25 years ago in this spot he dropped Mr. T like a bad habit. Out comes the Miz interrupts him. He doesn't live in the past. People always tell him he is the next Roddy Piper. Piper Takes offense to that. Miz says no they are nothing alike. Then Alex Riley is brought out. The crowd is chanting for Alex Riley. Alex didn't want it to be this way. Love this segment. Now The Miz is betting $1000 of his own money that he can beat Piper, even with his suit on. Piper asks for $5000. Austin chimes in sets the match with each one putting up $5000. the catch is Riley is the Referee.

Roddy Piper vs The Miz with Alex Riley guest referee Miz is distracted and Roddy keeps taking advantage. Riley and Miz start fighting and Piper sneaks in for the win. Winner: Roddy Piper

Bella twins, Alicia Fox, Maryse, Tamina, Rosa Mendez, and Melina vs Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Natalia, AJ, and Kaitin Seven Diva Tag Match. Winner: Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Natalia, AJ, and Kaitin Then the Diva's all dance in the ring. This match was short. really it was Kelly Kelly vs Kaitin. Had to be less than two minutes. I think they danced longer than the matc.

Now they review how Andy won TE last week. Austin and Andy are celebrating. Then in comes Punk. Austin offers Punk a beer. Punk says "What". He is here to give Austin a breathalyzer. Punk want to thank him for giving him the match with John Cena. It will change the WWE. Nexus is not allowed ringside. Austin says he has an announcement to make.

Austin rides to the ring on an ATV. He is drunk. Before Austin gets to talk the GM chimed in. He says he will be the GM next week not Austin. Austin says next week it will be about the people. It will be another 3 hour Raw. The GM keeps chiming in, Austin then chases Cole away. Austin then smashes the laptop and pours beer on it. He then drives his ATV over it backs up and then again. Austin comes back gets more beer and thanks the crowd.

Now the weekly Press conference with the President. Why is everyone sitting in the same seat. These have really run their course.

CM Punk vs John Cena. It was good not seeing Cena... until now. Loud chant for Punk. Can tonight be the night Cena changes his script. Crowd is loud chanting Lets go Cena... Cena Sucks. Cena tried to wrestle to the rhythm of the chant, yeah he looked as silly as it sounds. Maybe he should stick to his script. Coming back from break Punk has Cena in an abdominal stretch. Cena fight out and hits the STFU. Nice match so far. Punk is driving this match and doing a great job of it. Cena is out of the ring and the Ref is counting. Cena gets in and Punk resumes beating him. Cena goes on his run, but out comes Truth. He goes to mess with a kid and Cena is distracted. GTS. Winner CM Punk. After the match Truth hits Cena with a water bottle and the Shut Up. He then tells Cena he will beat him for the belt on Sunday.

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