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WWE releases a bunch of low level wrestlers including Michael Tarver is reporting that "so far" (uh oh...) WWE has released the following wrestlers today:

Wrestlers who have appeared on WWE TV:

  • Original Nexus member Michael Tarver, "who was technically on the main roster" but hasn't been used in a while.  After an injury, he eventually sort of returned when they showed him watching matches in the locker room before vanishing again.  He wasn't much as a worker or talker but had a good presence during the original Nexus run and his twisting powerslam thingy finisher was awesome.
  • Jacob Novak, who had been on the last two seasons of NXT.  Four weeks ago, he was the first person eliminated in the current "NXT Redemption" season.

Wrestlers in FCW:

  • Buck Dixon, real name Shane Canterbury, he's the son of Mark "Henry O. Godwin/Shanghai Pierce" Canterbury.  Forgotten trivia time: The elder Canterbury was suddenly signed by the company in 2006 at the request of Triple H when WWE was on one of those hire a lot of veterans kicks. He was soon released when it became clear he was too broken down and rusty to be of any use.
  • Ethan Levin, some guy who appears to have been doing an MMA gimmick.
  • Buddy Stetcher.  Whoever he is, he (like Michael Tarver) is one of those guys WWE has given combination old actor/wrestler/athlete names to, combining Buddy Rogers and Joe Stetcher/Stecher.

I'll update the post later if anyone else is released.  Looks like a lot of guys will have their phones turned off for a while.

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