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The Ultimate Warrior trolls Hulk Hogan over social media, what's his game?

The Ultimate Warrior is apparently returning to television, but where on earth could that be?  (Photo by Mark Storey on Flickr)
The Ultimate Warrior is apparently returning to television, but where on earth could that be? (Photo by Mark Storey on Flickr)

As discussed by David Bixenspan and Dylan Hales in the most recent edition of their This Week In Rasslin podcast, The Ultimate Warrior has been trolling Hulk Hogan via social media for over two weeks now.  Hales wrote this off as the act of a crazy attention junkie who got a buzz from all the positive reaction he received for his uncharacteristically insightful tribute video to the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage and went down the obvious route to sate his addiction, shooting on his much maligned career rival.  That's certainly a very plausible theory, but I wouldn't immediately jump to that conclusion.  

Warrior may have been legitimately miffed about comments Hogan made in his recent televised interview with Hulkamaniac mark turned colourful kickboxing and MMA announcer Michael Schiavello.  Hogan, amongst the usual tall stories of tearing his back muscles slamming a near 700 pound Andre The Giant at WrestleMania III and suffering a stinger from The Undertaker's Tombstone piledriver at the 1991 Survivor Series, dished the dirt on Savage's real life paranoia with his wife Miss Elizabeth perhaps to exaggerated effect.  Moreover, he also dissed Warrior's performance at WrestleMania VI claiming he was blown up after five minutes, panicking and wanted to head straight to the finish until Hogan, acting as the more experienced ring general, calmed him down.  That's another of Hogan's dubious stories given that it is well known that the match was laid out move for move by creative genius Pat Patterson and practised many time beforehand to make sure everything was alright on Warrior's big night.  Hogan closed his discussion about the WrestleMania VI match with the following ridiculous claim:

That was supposed to be the beginning of the demise of Hulkamania because the Hulkamania character had gotten so huge that it was out of control.  Vince was trying to switch gears because this Hulkamania was all knowing and all powerful.  That was there opening to put a bullet in Hulkamania, but it didn't work.

As if a promoter would truly want to kill off a goose that was still laying golden eggs, even if it was ageing and difficult to work with.

Cue the Warrior cutting some of his most coherent short promos of his career on his YouTube channel telling Hogan that karma's coming to collect for all his past lies and making fun of his limp handshake.  Warrior then posted a preview to a 55 minute uncensored shoot interview about Hulk Hogan that he's recorded and will be released on Wednesday where he made fun of all the Hogan family scandals in recent years and claimed that Hogan was a cocaine user and a dope head, and that he pimped his ex-wife Linda to all the wrestlers:

Warrior has claimed on his blog that the full blown video will be free, so it seems like the shoot interview is a vehicle to promote his upcoming return to television:

First, there will be no ticket you have to buy. This video is my gift to you, and the beginning of something big together.

Warrior has also taken the fight to Twitter, where Hogan quickly blocked him and any of Warrior's vocal anti-Hogan fans but still finds the time to bitch about him to his own followers.  A few days ago, Warrior gave a very rambling multi tweet explanation of what he's apparently up to, which managed to explain nothing at all:

Hey Warriors!  Some fun, positive news will be announced very soon.  Hope you are staying focused on being healthy and following your dreams.

The fans deserve the truth and they're going to get it, for free.  Hogan's lawsuit threats cannot stop the army of truth.  ONE WARRIOR NATION.

This thing going on between Terry and I is about something bigger than each of us.  It is about YOU and the worth of your life.  People can do better things with their life potential than others but NO ONE has more potential than any other to start with.  All of us are born with the potential to do great things and live great lives.  When one does, the right thing to do is influence, inspire and empower other humans that they have the potential inside themselves, too.  Terry, doesn't do this.  First, he takes credit for everything.  There is no room for anyone else or praise for others.  Two, he has NOT used his incredible life success experiences to learn from them: grow wiser, be a better man, be a more capable mentor.  When a man fails at this, he cannot be seen as a leader, someone to look up to or admire.  Those who do see him as such have been mislead.  Given the choice between the truth and the lies, they choose lies.  Life will not work if you choose lies.  This is what I know of life.  This is why I fight.  Not so you make me like Terry believes he is.  NO, I fight so that you know you DO NOT have to tolerate lives of lies.  Live lives of truth.  Inspire ME.  I succeeded at being a sports entertainer, and I am proud of what we did together.  But, to me, YOU are ALL better than that.  YOU can do better.  You can turn the whole fucking world upside down.  I can feel your power.  W

The return to television part of the story is puzzling, because unless he's managed to bag himself his own interview with Michael Schiavello on HDNet, which isn't really that big a deal, then one would automatically presume that this is all a work and he's been hyping a televised confrontation with Hulk Hogan for his debut in TNA.  Three years ago it did seem like Warrior was dabbling with the idea of a comeback when he had a match against Orlando Jordan for the European Nu Wrestling Evolution (NWE) promotion in Barcelona, Spain, but nothing came of it and he hasn't wrestled since.  When Bill Goldberg posted a video on Twitter that made it look like Eric Bischoff was courting him for TNA, Dave Meltzer commented on his subscribers only message board that:

They're going after EVERY big 90s star right now.

It's the only thing they know.

Every big 90s star would include Warrior presumably, but I hope not, as Warrior's last North American run in WCW was an unmitigated disaster outside of his highly rated first week debut segment on Nitro before he was overexposed.  Warrior doesn't seem to remember things that way though, strangely closing his aforementioned blog post by saying:

Not even TNA PPVs provide quality entertainment like this, so the so-called experts claim:

"Right now, this feud between Hogan and the Warrior is better than any feud that TNA has going on right now. In fact, this is the best feud Hogan has had since 1998 and the NWO."

Yeah, that's just what the incompetent doctor would order - Warrior to TNA.

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