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This Week In Rasslin Podcast Beta 2 6/12/11 - Jeff Hardy news & more

We return after a delay caused by extenuating circumstances for another beta podcast recorded using TalkShoe. Thanks to that delay, this is an extra long show and since we recorded it pretty late, we start to lose are minds at the end. Since this is a beta, we're leaving all of those warts in.  Expect the official post-betas in a few weeks when Dylan gets a new PC and we record these via Skype.

Anyway, we talk about a ton of stuff, including Lanny Poffo's announcement of Randy Savage's cause of death, the latest nuttiness from Matt and Jeff Hardy, the WWE developmental wrestler without a belly button, Super Hate's stroke, Ric Flair's legal problems, Mick Foley leaving TNA, Averno leaving CMLL for WWE, the Ultimate Warrior-Hulk Hogan war of words, WWE ribbing Mark Henry and their fans in Des Moines, UFC negotatiating to buy G4, and a bunch of historical tangents related to the news stories. Feel free to pause the show and listen to it over the course of several days, because it's a long one.

Download it here.

Click here for the feed to use in iTunes or any other podcast catcher.  The feed has been submitted to iTunes and should be available via the store soon.

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