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UFC 130 Results: Cageside Seats' Post-Fight Throwdown

It's been an afternoon filled with MMA action, and with UFC 130 coming to a close, Cageside Seats his here with the post-fight throwdown.  This series has been missing in action, but it's back, and we've got a ton of subjects to dish on tonight, so let's have at it!

  • Quinton Jackson looked great against Matt Hamill, making very little mistakes, and letting Hamill accomplish next to nothing during the entire 15 minute fight.  That said, how many times has Jackson ran his mouth about fighters not "coming to fight" when they wouldn't stand in front of them and let him hit them in the face?  Well guess what, Hamill's mouth was wide open, his defense wasn't so hot, and after the first round, he stood right in front of Rampage quit a bit.  What happened?  Not shit.  Also, that's weaksauce blaming a performance on an injury right there on the spot.  
  • As Joe Rogan said during the main event, Rampage needed a finish to really secure a title shot, and he looked quite alright with letting that opportunity slip away.  Not much of a surprise, he wants to go act when the money is right.  I'd rather not see him in fights that were incredibly meaningful unless he changes his tune.  There are plenty of fighters who's hearts are in MMA, and who would go great lengths to secure their own title shot.  Let one of them get a place in line.
  • I'm really not pulling any punches with Rampage tonight, don't get me wrong, the man looked on point for the most part.  Hamill had nothing for him.  Nothing at all.  Not one take down, not one solid head kick.  Nothing.  
  • The co-main event went about as expected, with Frank Mir outlasting Roy Nelson, but not having the power to put Nelson to sleep.  After as many knees to the face as Nelson ate tonight, I have to wonder what exactly it would take to separate him from his consciousness.  
  • Rogan was all over Nelson for his cardio, but neglected that Mir didn't exactly look like he was ready to run laps when the third round began.  Sure, just about any UFC heavyweight can look like a track star when it comes to cardio while standing next to Roy Nelson after 2 round of fighting, but the edge had been taken off of Mir's striking, and he was happy to get his coast on in the third round.  Well, aside for those nasty elbows.  He definitely wasn't coasting then.  Just sayin', Mir was gasping for air so much in the post-fight interview, he sounded like he had a Scottish accent.  How does that even happen?
  • I don't give a damn what you say, Roy Nelson is a balls to the walls kind of fighter.  He should have a long, exciting career with the UFC.
  • As for Mir, he looked alright, but he took a lot of unnecessary punches, something he paid for dearly when he fought Shane Carwin.  It'll be interesting to see where he goes from here.
Thoughts on the rest of the night after the jump!


  • Stefan Struve's kick boxing looked quite improved, but once he began to back pedal and let Travis Browne run him down, it was the beginning of the end.  It wasn't a wild shot that clipped Struve and sent him crashing to the mat though, it was actually a well time, beautifully placed superman punch.  I lost my mind when that knock out happened, and you should have too.  The "Skyscraper" came crashing down, and Browne was just as thrilled as I was.
  • I still have faith that Struve can become a formidable heavyweight fighter.  He's got the right people around him, and he's young.  Plenty of time to learn lessons and improve skills.
  • Thiago Alves must have been having the same Jon Fitch flashbacks I was during the first two rounds of his fight with Rick Story.  In a way though, it was far worse than that.  Not only did Alves get controlled for the greater part of the first 10 minutes, he was outgunned in the striking department as well.  Not good when your claim to fame is been a "deadly" muay thai kick boxer.  
  • The third round of Alves/Story was nuts.  Alves should rightfully be commended for his rally in the final round, where he truly laid it on Story.  Despite Alves gritting his teeth and looking to secure the finish, Story not only stayed on his feet, he was answering back.  "Horror" story indeed.
  • Brian Stann has impressed me.  I tried not to like him.  I fought and fought against it.  His clean cut, military style never appealed to me, and the way his history as a Marine has been brought up drove me nuts...but dammit, it was cool to watch him perform as well as he did on Memorial Day weekend against a tough opponent like Jorge Santiago.  Bravo.
  • Stann is a dream come true when it comes to being a hard hitting fighter as he is.  He doesn't brawl wildly, nor does he only look for one punch.  He looks to land his power shots with at least one strike before it, and he's got decent accuracy.  He's also go some pretty nasty ground and pound.  
  • As for Santiago, this wasn't a good return to the UFC.  For his sake, I hope he can avoid being matched up with another heavy hitter for his next bout.
  • As for the prelims, the most notable things were definitely what went down on the Spike TV broadcast.  Tim Boetsch looked lean(er) and strong at middleweight, and just ran right through Kendall Grove.  Then, Miguel Torres put on a great fight off his back against Demetrious Johnson, but it wasn't enough to secure a victory. 
  • The facebook broadcast did have one nice finish, with Gleison Tibau winning against low level competition once again.  As good as he looked, I have little faith that he can successfully make the jump to the upper echelon of the lightweight division.

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