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UFC The Ultimate Fighter 13: Finally, Some Drama!

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This season of the UFC’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ has taken a ton of heat over its ratings and poor performance in general. A multitude of reasons have been given by ‘experts’ regarding why the flop has occurred.

 Some have pointed to the two coaches (Lesnar and Dos Santos) being boring. There’s definitely credibility to that statement. Dana White expressed at a recent UFC Fan Expo that he feels that a large part of the reason is that the fighters did not have to fight to get into the house. That too is not an off base idea.

 Last night’s episode reminded me of why so many people were tuning in prior to this season, and why they may not have been tuning in during the current one.

 After we were forced to sit through two fantastic fights, we finally were given the entrée that we wanted when, during the last 5 minutes of the show, the boys started drinking! Everything was fine, until Charlie Rader (who was completely just messing around), made the mistake of pouring some water (and it really was just a small drop) on the head of Tony Ferguson. Tony is apparently an angry drunk (yeah, you know, that guy), and things got ugly. An awkward wrestling match ensued, followed by Tony making inappropriate comments about Charlie’s estranged son.

 Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!


 Is this really what you want? Did you really miss this? Was watching grown men defecate in each others’ food and tricking them into eating it a key reason why you made sure you DVR’ed TUF prior to this season?

 I’m not trying to be a snob, but I watch TUF because I enjoy mixed martial arts. I enjoy seeing the process the fighters go through to train and become UFC fighters. I like watching the fights. I’m crazy like that.

Ultimately, I didn’t miss the trailer park antics. When it reared its ugly head last night, I didn’t get excited. I didn’t hope for more of it. I guess a season just wouldn’t be complete though if someone didn’t step up and accept the role of the ‘heel’. Better late than never, Tony Ferguson. Well done.

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