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This Week In Wrestling/Rasslin podcast beta 5/24/11: Macho Man & more

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Last night Dylan Hales and I recorded a sort of run-through/beta/whatever for a new weekly podcast, This Week In Wrestling (that name might change to This Week In Rasslin since I found out this morning that someone else started using it after I last checked if it was being used, but before we recorded the show).  Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to record it over phones using TalkShoe but future shows will be using Skype for much better audio quality.  We figured if we were going to do this, we should start now with everything that's gone down this past week, and in the future, the show will be recorded on Sunday afternoons and released that night or the next morning.  I will also be setting up a feed for podcast catching programs/apps in the meantime.  For the format of the show itself, we may also bring in guest panelists and such over time.  Remember, this is a work in progress "beta" episode, so please be kind!

Anyway, on the show, we take a look at the big news of this past week: The death of "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Sinclair Broadcast Group's purchase of Ring of Honor, the WWE Over The Limit PPV, and more.

Download it here.

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