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GSP and Nick Diaz the heavy favourites to coach the next season of UFC's TUF

Not only could Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz be announced this week for UFC 140 on December 10th 2011, which is expected to be held in Montreal, the same weekend and venue as UFC 124 - St-Pierre vs. Koscheck 2, they could also be announced as the coaches for the fourteenth season of UFC's reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter.  Given the limited big name coaching options at Dana White's disposal now that Chael Sonnen is suspended until who knows when and the fact that the spot makes sense for both men (GSP since he's still recovering from a serious eye injury, Strikeforce's Diaz since he needs the exposure), it's not surprising that Joe Ferraro of and Geno Mrosko of MMAMania have already independently done the basic maths and came to the conclusion that they're the prominent candidates for the role.  Making them even heavier favourites to be the chosen two, the well connected with UFC management Yahoo! Sports journalist Dave Meltzer remarked on his May 23rd subscribers only radio show that it looks like GSP and Diaz are going to be next season's TUF coaches.  I agree with Meltzer that it's the best of a bad bunch of options given that all the other top fighters are already booked in major matches over the summer, but I have little sympathy for the promotion after they foolishly placed all their eggs in the unlicensed Chael Sonnen's basket.  It would serve Zuffa right if the unpredictable Diaz is much more miss than hit as a coach like Brock Lesnar has surprisingly been in the current season and if viewers see GSP coaching again against another American heel as a boring rerun of season 12.  The Ultimate Fighter certainly needs a major shot in the arm after this season's ultra disappointing rock bottom ratings and this move probably won't cut the mustard.

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