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Video of "Macho Man" Randy Savage tribute & CM Punk's homage on Raw

Last night on Raw, WWE aired a fantastic Randy Savage tribute video set to Coldplay's "The Scientist" after a series of clips narrated by the WWE Hall of Fame narrator guy.  It was absolutely perfect, everything that it should have been.  Having Jerry Lawler introduce the video, given their history together, made it even more special.  The version posted on uses a different song for licensing reasons, so if you missed the original or want to see it again, the original via YouTube is embedded after the jump.

Meanwhile, CM Punk gave his own tribute to Savage during the main event (Punk & R-Truth vs John Cena & Rey Mysterio with Bret Hart as guest referee) by wearing pink '80s vintage Macho Man style trunks with white stars and his name on the back that he had made.  He wore his yellow boots to complete the ensemble.  He was actually able to pull it off just fine without looking ridiculous.  A nice tribute to add to his top rope elbow drop on Sunday's Over The Limit PPV.  Video of the main event, which was a very fun match, is the second video after the jump.

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