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WWE Raw Results Liveblog 5/23/11


via By Heanzey

Last night, at Over the Limit, John Cena was able to make The Miz say I Quit. I didn't expect Cena to quit, but I would be lying if i didn't say I was disappointed. So tonight, I expect a Cena vs Miz rematch. , Finally, the Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole Feud is over. Who will be the announcers tonight. I am hoping for Good Ole JR with Jerry Lawler. Not sure what happens to Cole, maybe he can be a manager. Tonight they will start to build up for Capital Punishment. Also tonight, I expect a very good tribute to one of my favorite all time wrestlers. Hearing the news of Randy Savage's death really hit me hard. I am expecting a good episode tonight. I guess, I need a good episode tonight.

Tonight's show is in memory of Macho Man Randy Savage. I hope that isn't the tribute.

Jerry Lawler comes down to the ring. He wants to say the Cole nightmare is over. He explains how he had a "Hart" up his sleeve to make sure Cole kissed his feet. Out comes Bret Hart. There is no Cole Mine tonight. As Bret is talking, he is interrupted by R-Truth. Truth has never had a title shot. He wants his turn. Him and Bret get into it and then out comes Cena. Cena and Truth used to be friends, not anymore. Truth feels that Cena and Hart are just propaganda tools to make the fans happy. GM makes his announcement. R-Truth and CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio and John Cena. The special guest referee is Bret Hart. If Truth impresses he may get a title shot.

In the back Show and Kane are sitting on Del Rio's car. His announcers tell them in Spanish to get off, but Show just pushes him to the ground. With that Del Rio comes and gets in their faces. They leave as he yells at them in Spanish.

Big Show and Kane vs David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty Tag Team Championship match. Starting the match off is David and Kane. Kane is dominating early on and Otunga is looking terrible. When Michael comes in he isn't doing any better. This match is going slow, but I am starting to think WWE is rebuilding the Tag division. As they go to break (in the middle of the match) Kane and Big Show are dominating. something needs to happen to make this interesting. Coming back from break Nexus has gained control of the match. Michael and David are wearing Kane down. The Big show gets the hot tag. He is clearing the ring and in comes Mason Ryan then a ref bump. Punk interferes while Ref is down and Nexus gets the win! Winners: And New Tag Team Champions David and Michael.

Now they are showing Randy Orton at his Wal-Mart autograph signing. They are rally pushing Orton's Movie.

Now they are recapping how New Nexus won the Tag Titles. As Show and Kane are picking on the guy interviewing him, Del Rio comes up and slaps Big Show in his face, then runs. somehow in the confusion Show gets hit with Del Rio's car. Show is in trouble. He may be out of action for a while. Coming back from break Show is still trying to stand. He is too big to be putting weight on his leg.

Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne Jack is in control early on, but Even is able to turn things around with a counter. His turn around doesn't matter though as Swagger hits a suplex for the win. Winner: Jack Swagger After the match Even Bourne attacks Swagger as he celebrates.

Michael Cole is shown backstage walking around looking sad. He is on his way to the ring.

Out comes Cole to a loud chorus of boos. He looks humiliated. He gets a Mic and the fans chant "You suck toe". He starts with "Can I have your atten...." He then says it should have never been about him. He is sorry. He apologizes to everyone for is terrible behavior the last few months. He just wants to do commentary on RAW. Lawler shows a picture from last night as Cole has sucking his toe. He then gives Cole breath mints. but allows him back to call the rest of the show. Darn, no JR.

Then out comes The Miz. He isn't his usual sharp self. He still has a nice suit on. The Miz is blaming Alex Riley for his match last night. He wants a rematch, this time with Alex Riley banned from ringside. He wants the GM to set a rematch. He will not leave the ring till the GM responds. He denied his request. He is done with John Cena. Now he is in Riley's face. The Riley responds, "It wasn't like I was the one who said I quit". This is going to be Splits-ville. He just fired Riley. Now there is a brawl. Riley is getting the best of it. Riley is now a free man and headed to SmackDown. He leaves The Miz beaten in the ring.

Maryse, The Bella's, and Melina vs Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, and Eve. Eight diva Tag Match Kelly Kelly starts off with one of the Bella's but then Laughter. There are 8 Divas in the ring and she is still coming down to the ring She gets in the ring and is surrounded. She starts crying and now I am confused. She is saying something, but I am not sure what to make of it.

Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre Looks like Drew is getting a push. He had pyro with his intro and I don't remember that. Drew is in control as Kofi has hurt his knee. Drew is in control and he keeps targeting Kofi's knee. Kofi is going for Trouble in Paradise but his knee won't let him get a 2 count. Kofi hits a new finisher and get the win. I like the new finisher more than the other. Winner: Kofi Kingston

Then they air a skit of an Obama press conference. Funny.

Nexus is celebrating as Punk is getting ready for his match.

Be a Star! Not a bully.

Alberto Del Rio is being interviewed. He blamed Ricardo for hitting the Big Show with a car.

Now, they are talking about Randy Savage and here is the tribute. I forgot about Sherry! This is bringing back memories. I can't lie, this is making me tear up. I am still hurt about his passing.

Time for the main event out first is Bret Hart.

R-Truth and CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio and John Cena With Bret Hart as guest referee Cena takes control the match from the start. R Truth is no match as they go to break. Punk and Cena are in the ring coming back and Punk is in control. I love how Punk is picking on Hart and his slow counts. R-Truth get Cena for another 2 count, Bret really seems to be counting slow on purpose. Cena hits a DDT and is going for a tag. Rey is in and he is on fire. Rey hits the 619 and Bret puts punk in the Sharp Shooter. Rey gets the Pin. Winner Rey Mysterio and John Cena

This was a very tough show for me. I sort of knew that they had to do a Macho Man tribute. I am glad it was so well done. It is just hard knowing one of my childhood heroes is gone. My brother and I would do his and Hogan's voice as we wrestled around the house. Macho Man is gone. This was a very good RAW though. I enjoyed The Miz and Alex Riley. Interested in seeing what happens to Show. I hope they explain what happened to Kharma. I am not sure what it was. Still best RAW in a few weeks if not longer.

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