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GSP vs. Nick Diaz Could Be Announced Next Week

MMA Weekly is reporting that the official announcement regarding a championship fight between Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre could be made as early as next week. 

Diaz had been threatening to take a hiatus from the sport of MMA to go and box (and even signed for a bout against Jeff Lacy) if he did not get a title shot vs. GSP.

According to MMA Weekly, UFC Director of Canadian Operations Tom Wright has hinted that the UFC will be travelling back to Montreal for UFC 140. The fight card is scheduled to occur in December, and currently has no fights officially signed for the card. Wright stated that: "Well, I've heard about the Nick Diaz-GSP fight, but it is too early (to tell)." (SOURCE)  

At one time, it was thought, by many, that a 'superfight' between St. Pierre and Anderson Silva would occur. That fight's potential has greatly diminished within the past few months for a myriad of reasons.

After GSP's win over Jake Shields in April, Lorenzo Fertitta tweeted the following to UFC fans:


According to Fertitta, the tweet was met with an overwhelming response by fans who said they wanted to see GSP fight Nick Diaz. 

It looks like the fans will get what they want, and may get it in December. We will keep you posted on the developments as they occur.

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