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WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 5/2/11 The Rock's Birthday

Tonight, I expect Raw to have a big episode. Raw is in Miami and it is The Rock's birthday. Also WWE will celebrate our country in light of recent events. There will be plenty of in ring action also. Kharma made her much anticipated debut last night. I, for one, am very excited about her. This is the best thing to happen to the Diva's division in a very long time. The Miz will also get his rematch tonight as Cena won the title last night. Tonight's show will be big. I say that once again because there are plenty of "surprises" for tonight's show.

Tonight's show begins with WWE showing a video tribute to 9/11/01 and remind us that they did a tribute on the Raw after 9/11. This is an emotional time for America, good to see the WWE honoring that. After the video package, Lillian Garcia sings the National Anthem. She does a good job, very good performance. Crowd is now chanting "USA USA USA". What a good time to be an American.

Josh Matthews, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole introduce the show. Still a three man booth, hopefully Cole is under control today.

Since this is the Rock's birthday, he get the opening segment. He takes his time getting to the ring. He really looks ripped up. "Finally the Rock has come back... home". Huge Rocky chant from the crowd. First thing he has to say is "We got him". Huge USA chant again. He thanks the troops. He has family in the military so he is feeling it today. Now he leads the Pledge of Allegiance. He runs through his childhood, high school, college at Miami U, and then WWE. The GM interrupts as he is finishing up. As Cole goes to read the E-mail the Rock stops him. He want him in the ring to make his announcement. Cole takes off his shirt and shows a Boston Celtic Kevin Garnett. He comes in the ring and says the GM and He demand apologies. The Rock says he is right. He has disrespected the GM and Cole. He says "I'm sorry" and offers his hand to shake. Cole thinks about it and shakes The Rock's hand. "Thank You" Cole responds. Rock Bottom and People's Elbow for Cole. As The Rock's Music hit's he stops it and brings out Pittbull. He wishes The Rock a Happy Birthday. As he performs he has the Miami Heat Cheerleaders come out and dance.

Up next, John Morrison vs R-Truth.

Coming back from break, they recap how R-Truth has changed and recent weeks. It also shows that he and Morrison have been getting into it.

Good ole JR is out now replacing Cole. Good to see he is calling most of the show tonight. As Morrison is making his way to the Ring, R- Truth attacks him. He left Morrison in a lot of pain. I guess he has a neck injury now. R - Truth comes back out again and hits his finisher on Morrison again. Once again we go to commercial break.

Maryse vs Kelly Kelly As soon as the match gets under way, out comes Kharma. I love her sick laugh and disturbing music. Kelly Kelly is frozen in the ring in fear as Kharma Hits her finisher on Maryse. It looks as if she turns her attention to Kelly Kelly, but she turns and leaves. the Diva division will never be the same. Winner: None

The Miz is in the back with Alex Riley. Alex will be in The Miz's corner as he fights for the WWE Title tonight.

Paul Walker wishes The Rock a happy birthday.

Samuel Jackson wishes The Rock Happy birthday as well.

The Rock is entertaining Ladies and other WWE superstars at his party. They have a skit with Santino, Hornswaggle, and The Great Khali, They each dress up as some of his characters. out comes Ron Simmons. "DAMN".

Up next The Miz vs John Cena for the WWE Title.

Steve Carell wishes Dwayne Johnson a happy birthday.

The Miz with Alex Riley vs John Cena WWE Championship Match I am surprised this is not the main "Main Event". It is starting the second hour, so who am I to second guess. Cena is in control early on. He is rolling through The Miz. Riley causes a distraction and The Miz is able to capitalize. Not both men are outside and Cena is thrown into the steps. The Miz gets his second three count of the night and they cut to commercial break.

It appears that The Miz has been in control the whole break. Cena is turning things around now and it appears that The Miz is i trouble until The Miz kicks him in the head. STFU out of nowhere and The Miz almost taps. He is able to grab the rope. The Miz hit a DDT for another 2 count. These two are putting on a good match actually telling us a story in the ring. Ref bump and then The Miz taps. Skull crushing Finale and the ref get in and with a slow count The Miz only gets 2. The Miz kicked out of an Attitude Adjustment. The Miz gets the belt and lays out Cena. The Miz fails to get rid of the evidence and the Ref reverses his decision. Winner and still Champion: John Cena

Ellen wishes the Rock a happy birthday. Somehow I forgot to mention Wade and Lebron wished Rock a happy birthday also.

Tyler Perry wishes the Rock a happy birthday.

At this point they show video of Cena making the announcement last night about Bin Laden.

Alberto Del Rio comes down to the ring to commentate the next Tag Team match.

Rey Mysterio vs Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger. This match is starting of slow and the commentary is off as well. They go to break pretty quick. Business is picking up and Del Rio is talking trash about Rey. Its seems McIntyre and Jack are going to be a permanent team. It looks that to me. Winner: Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston. After the Match Del Rio tried to attack Rey but doesn't get it done.

WWE is supporting the B A Star campaign. Don't be a bully.

Ludacris wishes The Rock happy birthday.

Dan Marino wishes the Rock Happy birthday.

The Rock congratulates Christian. Dolph and Vickie say they have pie for the Rock. They bring out Mae Young. He kisses her. John Cena comes in with the be lt. He promises to keep it till WrestleMania. That sort of ruins the next year for me.

Kane in action next vs Mason Ryan.

George Lopez wishes the Rock Happy birthday.

Mason Ryan with CM Punk vs Kane Kane is by himself in this match. Is partner is still on SmackDown if I recall. How is this the Main Event? Two big men in the ring and this is a Battle of the Titans. Mason in full control of this match. Kane is able to turn things around. Punk enters and there is a DQ. In comes Nexus. Kane goes to choke slam Mason but he stops it and hits his move. Big Show comes out and clears the ring. Mason Spears him and is the Last man standing. It looks like Mason is leaving Nexus. Winner: Kane

Regis and Kelly with the Rock Happy Birthday.

Craig Ferguson wishes the Rock a happy Birthday.

The Rock comes out again. He thanks the fans for coming out and making it a great birthday. He has some family here and at home he thanks them. He thanks WWE. He guarantees that the next Wrestlemania will be the biggest of all time. Out comes Mr McMahon. He thanks The Rock for a lot of things. Nice way to end the show. He has a birthday present for the Rock. Thank you for coming home. WWE is the best at these video packages. The Rock is emotional as they come back and they announce Mya to sign Happy Birthday to the Rock. This is good. I am glad The Rock has had his night.

There were quite a few important things that happened tonight. Kharma has come and put the Diva Division on notice. John Cena retained his belt and vowed to keep it till Wrestlemania. Mason Ryan is gonna be a force on RAW. Will he stay with Nexus?

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