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WWE mandates that wrestlers carry insurance, but won't pay for it

That one site with the spyware is reporting that WWE is now requiring all wrestlers to carry health insurance.  In addition, our friend Irv Muchnick has a look at the situation over at his Wrestling Babylon blog.  WWE, which pays for on the job injuries, will not be paying for the coverage in any way and doesn't even appear to be setting up a group buy for to ease the burden.  Since the wrestlers are officially self-employed independent contractors, they can write off the cost of the insurance as a business expense.  Still, it's a burden because it probably won't be easy and they still have to pay completely out of pocket for what will be very expensive insurance thanks to their profession.

It's a strange move, and hard to figure out the reasoning behind.  Are they anticipating some scandal (or preparing for the next time one inevitably happens) where they can give a truthful but deceptive answer of "all WWE performers have health insurance"?  Is it some kind of reaction to the health care bill passed last year in the US since Vince McMahon has been known to make paranoid references to the election of President Obama leading to the collapse of the economy and thus his business?

I can't really wrap my head around it.  Why do it at all so suddenly if they're not gonna pay for it?  If they're not going to pay for it, why not pool the talent together to save them a little bit on their premiums?

It should be interesting to see this story unfold over the next couple months.

Please try to keep any political arguments out of the comments.  I know this could get touchy but only mention political issues with regards to how they affect or may affect this situation.

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