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Sengoku Veteran Maximo Blanco Signs with Strikeforce

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Earlier this morning, Sherdog reported that Sengoku and Pancrase veteran Maximo Blanco has signed a 4-fight deal with Strikeforce (SOURCE)

Blanco, a 155 pound fighter who has spent his career thus far fighting in Japan, is laregly unknown amongst casual MMA fans, but does have somewhat of a cult following with the sport's hardcore followers.

Maximo is known for a fast-paced, in-your-face fighting style, that usually results in an exciting finish. Seven of his eight wins were either KO's or TKO's (the other being a decision win over Won Sik Park). 

The move is an interesting one, as it marks the first significant MMA free agent signing by Strikeforce since the Zuffa acquisition in March. It had been largely speculated that Blanco would sign with the UFC. The move seems to suggest that the "powers that be" wanted to sign Maximo, but did not feel like he was ready for the UFC just quite yet.

For those unfamiliar with Blanco, here is a decent highlight reel video put together by YouTube user sorin06hl

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