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WWE Raw Results Liveblog 5/16/11


Last week, John Cena and The Miz made a match at Over the Limit. The match is set to be an "I Quit" match. We all know that this is right up John Cena's alley. Tonight, I expect to see why The Miz has a chance to win this match. Also tonight, the Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole feud is coming to a head. Will Lawler be punished for what he did to Cole? I expect Kharma, R-Truth, and Rey Mysterio to all be involved as the PPV is coming soon. Also WWE has a contest, so if you tweet you can check it out.

We Start RAW off tonight with John Cena coming down to the ring. Before Cena has a chance to say anything, Alex Riley stops him. He shows video of all the damage The Miz has done to Cena over the last few months. The looks on The Miz's face are priceless. Then out comes The Miz. Alex Riley is still doing all the talking and doing a good job of it at that. After Cena talks, the GM chimes in. He said that since Cena got to name the match for Over the Limit, The Miz gets to pick a match and opponent for Cena tonight.

Kofi Kingston vs CM Punk w New Nexus Before the match, they show a clip from last week when Punk was knocked out by The Big Show. Punk is looking to himself tonight. Kofi takes control early on but Punk turns things around. After a slow start, things pick up. Punk wins with a GTS. Nice match to start the night off. Winner: CM Punk.

After the match Punk vows to make Nexus relevant. He has heard the rumors, but he wont stop until each member of Nexus is great.

Kharma is up they are showing her clip from last night. I REALLY think I like her too much.

Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella Brie is the Diva Champion, but the title is not on the line. They are actually letting this match go on. Kelly is in control and she get the pin with a roll up. The Bella's both attack her after the match and now I hear the laughter. Out Comes Kharma. The Bella's are waiting in the ring as Kharma comes down. Kharma is eying Kelly Kelly. The Bella's attack her. One Bella runs away the other gets destroyed. Kharma then goes to Kelly and gets in her face to show she might be next. Winner: Kelly Kelly

Out comes Rey Mysterio. They show R-Truth attacking Mysterio last week. Rey isn't happy about what did last week, so he is calling Truth out to the Ring like a man. As Mysterio waits, they go to break. Coming back Rey is still waiting. Instead out comes Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio blames Rey for not being the Number 1 contender. A lot of Spanish, but it looks like we have a match.

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio As the match starts, another commercial break. That is like three breaks in 20 minutes. Terrible. Coming back from break. Del Rio is still in control. Del Rio is working on Rey arm, clearly setting up for for his Cross-Arm Breaker. Now Del Rio is going after Mysterio's mask. Showing that the two hate each other. Rey is starting a comeback now. As Mysterio is starting to take over Truth causes a distraction on the Mic, saying Mysterio is a thief. Del Rio's announcer stops the 619 and Del Rio is disqualified. Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match Truth again attacks Rey. He keeps saying Rey stole his spot. After he lays Rey out he calls for the Mic. Truth challenges him to a match Sunday. "This Sunday, you gone get got!"

The Miz has been going around talking to everyone to find Cena an opponent. From The Big Show to Mason Ryan. I just hope it gives us a good main event.

Now, we have the contract signing for Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Lawler reiterates that he will give Cole his Hall of Fame ring and induct him in the Hall of Fame. Cole says this is going to be a Kiss my Foot Match. Cole's foot looks worse that last time. I was not sure what a Kiss my Foot match was, then they show a clip of Jerry Lawler and Bret heart in a Kiss my Foot Match. Bret stuck his foot all up in Lawler's mouth. Cole is running his mouth too much. Running down Jack Swagger while he is there. Jack gets upset and then he exits the ring and now Cole is by himself. Cole is tries to talk his way out of the match, but it is too late.

Big Show and Kane vs David Otunga and Mike McGillicutty They just named a match for Sunday at Over the Limit. Kane and The Big Show vs CM Punk and Mason Ryan for the titles. That could be a really good match. David and Michael are tagging in and out and Show is in trouble. Otunga is looking good in the ring. Kane tags in now and is on a roll. He his his clothes line off the top rope. Kane goes for a choke slam as ref is distracted. Punk kicks Kane in the head and Micheal hit his neck breaker. Winner: David Otunda and and Michael McGillicutty

Now Show and Kane are being interviewed in the back. They vow to keep their belts at over the limit.

Once again, Zack Ryder is shown this time him and Cena do a special handshake. Then Zack gives him a T Shirt. I love the Cena is helping out Zack this way. I did notice the announcers did not even say anything about Ryder.

Out comes The Miz to name the Main Event. It will be a No Holds Barred match. As Cena is looking at The Miz, Jack Swagger attacks Cena. Swagger is the guy.

John Cena vs Jack Swagger No Holds Barred Mach Swagger is taking it to Cena early on and looking good. Cole is salty in his mine and pouting. Last break of the evening here guys. Coming back from break, Swagger is still in control. It seems John had a run during the break, but we missed all that. Jack has the Ankle Lock in but John is able to get out. Cena does the same thing match after night. I guess this is him digging deep. Winner: John Cena

The Miz tells Cena he has done a good job. He goes on to tell of all the ways he can make Cena Quit. He has a million ways to make him quit. He has a way, the Cena has never even seen before. He promises to be named the Champion at Over the Limit. He lays Cena out with the steel pipe. Cena fights him off and then he vows to make Cena say I Quit.

Well this is what we have. Without the gimmicks to get ratings this is what we have. Jack may get a bigger role, Truth is gonna fight Rey, and Cena will not quit.

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