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Breaking Down Genki Sudo and World Order's new Music Video, "Machine Civilization"

UFC and K-1 veteran, and overall awesome human being, Genki Sudo's music group "World Order" has been kicking ass and taking names over in Japan.  For those of you who have yet to experience World Order, we're going to break down their newest music video, "Machine Civilization".  May I suggest covering your walls, furniture, and pets in plastic, as your mind is about to be blown.

0:15 - I'm thinking that World Order needs to switch up their slow motion dance thing it'll get old-...nope.  Still entrancing.  The various locations and intriguing movements and actions just get me every time.  This is definitely their "thing". 

1:38 - Genki and Co. do what I'm coining "The Centipede Man" into a van.  

2:03 - Not only does Japan have an Evangelion theme park, a life sized Gundam, and a plethora of other gadgets, goodies, and fanboy happenings, they have anti-gravity coffee.  

2:17 to 2:32 -  Not sure what the lyrics are saying here, but my sources tell me that it's roughly Genki saying "We hate poodles, let's go to a power plant."

3:15 to Finish -  I can only describe this as tetris for my mind's eye.  I lost count of the times that I lost one of the members and was surprised to see him appear from behind one of the others.  Yet another classic World Order music video.

Now, surely there are some of you out there who, despite picking your brain matter off the wall, are curious to know more about this man Genki Sudo. There's far too much to say for this post, so I've left you my favorite Genki Sudo highlight after the jump.

Keep an eye out for the double spinning backfist KO!

You can check out a great deal of great highlight videos at Hello Japan, a gem of a blog I found while looking for MMA highlights.

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