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Nefarious Wrestling Twitter Hacker Strikes Again Says TNA's Kurt Angle


One of the major news items to come out of a fairly lacklustre Wrestlemania were the irate comments from Kurt Angle's twitter after the event. WWE wrestlers Jack Swagger and Randy Orton were blasted on on his twitter account for "stealing" his moves. Here are some of the erratic and strange remarks posted:

To WWE wrestlers, don't use my Finish. Get more creative. Hmm-Orton. Did I say that?

I guess Swagger will use my Angle Lock as well. Very creative. I am the best in the world. You guys will be Kurt Angle. Can I get an AMEN  

Kurt Angle will never die. WWE. TNA. I'm a leader not a follower.

Why would WWE use my finishes? Is it because I won't go back? R Orton- Angle slam. M Cole-Anklelock? They have some nerve.

Not surprisingly, Orton wasn't best pleased upon reading these remarks, and said this on his twitter:

Everything has been done before as far as moves go in the sports entertainment. I want to thank SCSA for the 'thesz press' and I know for a fact that SCSA for the 'thesz press' from Dutch Mantel. Point being, instead of taking offense to someone using your move, consider it a sign of respect. BTW does anyone know what Ken Shamrock's finisher was? I believe Jack Swagger used the ankle lock out of respect for Ken.

But rest assured, Kurt isn't a rambling crazy person and/or a giant hypocrite who blatantly stole Shamrock's own finisher himself and then complained about others doing the same. Oh, no: he later declared on his twitter that his account had been hacked by some dastardly character: "I just found out someone hacked into my twitter account. Most of those tweets weren't from me. I just found out today. I will find out. Why would I do this? I don't know why someone would pretend to be me. I apologize for the remarks. I'm not a twitter guy to I rarely use it." He later clarified his remarks to Orton and insisted him and Orton had then discussed his using the Angle Slam and were now on good terms., he didn't make "most" of the original twitter comments, and his recent tweets indicate that while there may have been some issues between him and Orton regarding the Angle Slam things had now been smoothed over. So, it would seem not only is it a hacker we are dealing's a telepathic hacker! How else could they have known Kurt really did have an issue with Orton, before then hacking into Kurt's account, and making comments that Kurt sort of agreed with?

But, alas, this is not the first time the dreaded hacker has victimized the poor folks of wrestling. After Melina's account posted some sobbing and hysterical remarks claiming John Morrison had dumped her, Melina, who somehow had managed to regain control of her account in an extremely short amount of time, claimed her account had been broken into too! Jeremy Borash made a similar claim when it was alleged he had wished death upon the family of a fan in direct message. Borash reassured us he had contacted twitter and the follow up to this story was...well, nothing really. Borash never mentioned it again. So, this hideous hacker, intent of besmirching the good name of Mr Borash, broke into his account, left one DM message, and was then gone, leaving almost no trace he had ever been there! What an evil genius. Poor Kevin Nash has also been a victim of this hacker: a few months ago rambling, nonsensical remarks about how under-appreciated by TNA Nash felt were made on Nash's twitter...but thankfully, the next day Nash, who similar to Melina, Kurt and Jeremy had also managed to regain control of his account in an incredibly quick amount of time, came on twitter to post that he had also been a victim of this hacker and it was this person responsible for the erratic remarks.

Sadly though, some still doubt the existence of this evil, telepathic genius and seem to think these pro wrestling personalities are simply unhinged, rambling wrecks. CM Punk chimed in to say this about about the Kurt Angle incident:

"my twitter account was hacked", is the new: "I'm a sloppy drunk douche".less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone   Favorite | Retweet | Reply


What an awful thing to say about people who have been the victims of cyber-crime! Shame on you Mr Punk! Hmm...perhaps this evil hacker should give Mr Punk a visit too? Not to mention, it seems that Twitter's security team is run by a five year old, considering how regularly and easily hacking seems to happen. 

Do you have any information on the Nefarious Wrestling Twitter Hacker? Please, contact or and help put an end to this hideous reign of terror! 

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