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The Rock vs John Cena announced as WWE Wrestlemania 28 main event

Tonight's Monday Night Raw ended with a Rock-Cena confrontation advertised all night.  Rock's promo was tremendous (and like that first pretaped promo, was much more of a traditional "money" type promo then he usually does).  Cena held his own well enough, building to explaining that the fans don't want to see them talk, they want to see them in a match.  Then they agreed that to be THE match, it had to be at Wrestlemania 28 in The Rock's home town of Miami.  So as some people had predicted, that's where they're going.

Obviously, that was the biggest thing on the show.  Number two would probably be Sin Cara's first TV appearance.  He didn't have his first TV match tonight as some people had expected, but he laid out Sheamus with some impressive moves after Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the U.S. Title.

As for the rest, including a very good CM Punk & Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio tag match, all of the details of the show are in Danyon's Raw liveblog.

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