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WWE Monday Night Raw LiveBlog/Recap 4/4/11 "The WrestleMania Aftermath"


WrestleMania is in the books. The results are here, on this very website. Even if you weren't pleased with how Wrestlemania went, you might still wanna see what happens tonight. The Rock has a very special announcement tonight. I am interested to see what it is. I am also hoping for an update on The Undertaker. He didn't look so good after his match to say the least. Sin Cara makes his debut tonight on Raw also. Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk and Cody Rhodes is also on the card tonight As will Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for US Title.That match should have been on Wrestlemania and would have been a good match. Let's not forget that The Miz is still champ, and I am sure he will tell us how awesome he is.Tonight's RAW should be huge.

Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Jim Ross! Jim Ross and Michael Cole! Wow I am pumped!

  • Out first is Triple H. He has shades on. I wonder how he will explain tapping.He is limping but still taking time to do his poses except he has no water bottle. He is the most beat up and tired he has even been in his life. He mentioned that he wrestled Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Something they wouldn't do before yesterday. If Undertaker does call it quits, H just wants to say thank you. But Triple H doesn't want that. He thinks Undertaker will be back. He said he will be watching.
  • Rumor has it, according to JR, Michael Cole will challenge Lawler tonight.
  • Cole comes out bragging about Wrestlemania. He looks like a fool in his "gear" since Shawn Michaels is in Hall of Fame he is new Mr. Wrestlemania. Lawler says we all know what happened. Cole was crying like a girl. They will have a rematch tonight. No Cole was talking about Jack Swagger.
  • Jack Swagger vs Jerry Lawler:Swagger is in control of this match early on. Jerry Lawler was not really expecting this. Every time Lawler tried to gain control of the match Swagger turns it around. Not this time though. Lawler has him but gets distracted by Cole As he is going after him Swagger locks in the Ankle Lock. Lawler taps. Swagger holds the move too long and then the ref reverses and awards match to Lawler. Cole gets in Jr's face and squirts BBQ sauce on his suit. Jr chases Cole out. Winner Jerry Lawler.
  • Cole is on the mic. in his Cole Mine, running his mouth. I hate Cole. Booker T and Josh Matthews are also out to do commentary.
  • Orton and Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk and Cody Rhodes: I am digging Cody's uncomfortableness. love the hood he wears. Orton ans Rhodes start it off. I expect this to be a very good match. Cody is in control and taking it to both Orton and Rey. Rey goes for his mask and he rolls out of the ring. Time for a commercial break I guess. Coming back from break Cody is in trouble. Punk tags in for a while to regain upper hand and tags back out. Cody takes Orton's Knee out and now he is in trouble. Now another break. From break both men are on the ground. Orton is able to get the tag and Rey is on Fire. but he can't keep it up. Now Orton is in the ring. On Fire. gets a near pin. Cody eats a 619 and an RKO. Winner Orton and Rey Mysterio
  • We come back to a Sin Cara video package. him match must be soon,
  • Austin comes out, Oh Hell Yeah. He is ready to Talk about Tough Enough. He is gonna bring out the contestants now. The 14 participants take turn introducing themselves. As Austin take the mic The Miz interrupts Stone Cold. The Miz shows a clip of him getting a concussion while he still kept the belt. The Miz gets in the Ring and gloats and Posses in front of the the 14. He then ask Steve if he thinks he is tough enough. The Miz wants a match with Austin. Steve says to clear the ring. The Miz leaves the ring and it is A Ri on Austin, Austin tears him up and hit the stunner. Austin gets his beers and passes them out to the 14. Nice to see. Austin pours beer on Cole. Winner Steve Austin
  • Alberto del Rio vs Evan Bourne: Del Rio is killing Bourne. He is in full control. Bourne figting back now. Rio hits and kick to Bourne's head on the top rope. Nice. I thinks Sin Cara is next. That is why we have seen the Rey and Bourne back to back. Winner Alberto del Rio
  • Vickie comes out and says they lost because of Lay-Cool. Dolph and Vickie challenge Trish and Morrison.
  • Dolph and Vickie vs Morrison and Trish: Mixed tag match Pretty even match with Dolph and Morrison so far. The woman come in and Trish is clearly the better of the two. Vickie is able to get a few moves in though. Now it is Dolph and Morrison. Dolph is in controll and gets a 2 cvount. Trish hits Dolph, Starship Pain for the pin. Winner Morrison and Trish.
  • Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan United States Championship match Sheamus is on control early on. He has new red, white, and blue tights, since he is US Champ. Cole is very distracting. Taking away from my focus and enjoyment on the match. Sheamus keeps fighting through Daniel's attempts to turn things around. Sheamus wins via big boot. as he is attacking Daniel. Out comes Sin Cara!. messed up his jump into the ring but still impressive. Jumped over the top rope from the ground. way to make an impact! Winner Sheamus
  • Out comes Cena to a lot of boos. He is in red today. He is out here to call out The Rock. He isn't out here to complain. He want to congratulate the Miz. He came into Wrestlemania Champ and Left champ. Gotta Respect that. His issue is The Rock. They got business to settle right now. Out comes The Rock after a pause. Crowd is chanting Fruity Pebbles. The Rock says he talked trash about Cena but he does that to everybody. He respects Cena, He just doesn't like him. Cena is calling for a match with The Rock. The Rock Says Cena has no idea what he has asked for. If they are gonna do it lets do it big. Wrestlemania 28 John Cena vs The Rock. The Rock Offers his hand to shake on it. Done Deal. Cena vs The Rock. Miami. Out comes the Corre. They beat down Cena and The Rock. Stealing the spotlight. Cena hit his You can't see me. The Rock hits a People's Elbow.
  • So the Big announcement is The Rock vs John Cena at the next Wrestlemania

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