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Batista tells TMZ he's done with Strikeforce due to UFC buyout

Earlier this afternoon, TMZ posted a quick video interview with former WWE star Dave Batista/Bautista asking him about the status of his negotiations with Strikeforce, which had been talked about for a while but settled down lately.  Until Bobby Lashley left Strikeforce, there was constant talk of Batista-Lashley headlining the first Strikeforce event to be sold on a pay-per-view basis.  Apparently, Batista was still in regular contact with Scott Coker until UFC parent company Zuffa bought Strikeforce, and that was the end of the negotiations.  He said he was still negotiating with some other promotions, but he really had his heart set on fighting for Strikeforce.

Since leaving WWE last year after possibly the best run of his career as a cocky heel, Batista has been staying under the radar for the most part aside from the Strikeforce negotiations.  He's also acted in some B-movies, but I think that also counts as being under the radar since you wouldn't have heard of them without specifically seeking out his filmography.

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