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Support Zach Ryder! Just not too much...


Over at Bryan Alvarez had some very good advice for fans of Zach Ryder (which seems to be everyone these days.)

 Just want to say something about Zach Ryder. Zach has a Youtube show that is very popular among Zach fans. In fact, his videos are being watched by approximately 10 times the number of people who are watching NXT on the official WWE Fan Nation Youtube page. I've also been told that people are, and this is a direct quote, "spamming the WWE facebook and twitter accounts for days now", hoping that this will "help the Ryder Revolution grow". What I'm about to say is probably going to be construed as something against Ryder, but it's not, and in fact he's kind of in a lose-lose situation here. My advice is, stop doing this immediately if you're a Zach Ryder fan. If this was any other company maybe in the world, yes, all of this viral attention would probably serve him well. But this is WWE, and in almost EVERY case historically, if a guy gets over and it was not WWE's doing, then WWE has to prove that, in fact, he can't get over, and that he's really no good at all. There is a reason Bryan Danielson was given a new name and given Miz as his "mentor" on NXT. Same with Kaval and Laycool. Same with nearly every other guy who got over huge on the indy scene. You get over huge on the indy scene and it's WWE's "job" to prove that you are not, in fact, really any good at all, and if you do finally get over in WWE, like CM Punk, it's after a long period of having to suffer, do jobs, be booked in a ridiculous manner with ridiculous people, hear that you "can't work", etc. So, long story short, bombarding WWE's Twitter and Facebook pages with Zach Ryder stuff is FAR more likely to backfire than it is to get him a push on Raw or Smackdown. In fact, quite frankly if you want Zach to get a minor push, your best bet is to have Dave or I write in the newsletter that Zach is on the verge of being released and will never be seen on Raw or Smackdown again, at which point he'll probably get a win on one or both shows the following week.

Might be something for people to think about. 

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