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Jeff Hardy update: 28 day rehab being considered for the TNA star

The Southern Pines Pilot has posted an updated article with new information regarding Wednesday's story about how a chemical dependency evalaution caused the latest delay in the case.

Becky Carlson, the 19-B J.D. Sentencing Services Program District Administrator, told Senior Resident Judge James Webb that "I've just started to work with Mr. Hardy within the past month.  I have to have time to formulate my plan, do a background assessment and put a treatment plan in place."  Sentencing Services is not affiliated with the defense or prosecution, instead working with judges to look at difference sentencing alternatives.  Per The Pilot, in this specific case, Carlson may provide "information to support a plea agreement."

During the hearing, the following exchange took place:

"So, your opinion is some in-patient treatment is needed for Mr. Hardy?" Webb asked. "Based on your past experience, how long?"

"Twenty-eight days," Carlson said, but she stressed more time was needed for an accurate assessment.

Carlson said that she felt the assessment could be done by June 1st, and based on the available court dates, the next hearing was scheduled for June 27th.

Meanwhile, Hardy's lawyer James Van Camp chimed in with...this...

Van Camp reminded the court that nobody really knows at this time whether his client actually has a drug problem or needs treatment.

"There has been no assessment yet," Van Camp said. "This is only an option we are considering."

It's unclear who, if anyone involved in the case is aware of Hardy's recent troubles at work, his previous issues during both of his WWE stints, and/or his previous comments about his drug use, both talking about painkiller and crystal meth abuse when he returned to WWE in 2006 and bragging about it while seemingly high shortly after his departure and arrest in 2009.

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