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The latest TNA insanity starring Matt & Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan

Matt Hardy - still the craziest wrestler in TNA, but only just!  (Wikimedia Commons)
Matt Hardy - still the craziest wrestler in TNA, but only just! (Wikimedia Commons)

The Lockdown PPV and the events surrounding it led to a lot of insanity by the usual suspects in TNA.  Here's a rundown of the highlights:

  • In his latest YouTube episode (which you can see after the jump), Matt Hardy spiced up his now stock drunken promo video where he rambles on and on about how tomorrow will be a much brighter day for him (he's now been doing these "shoot" promos for over a year) with strange claims that his brother Jeff needs back surgery and is considering ending his career like Edge was forced to last week.  Unfortunately nobody told Beth Hardy about the games Matt was playing on behalf of his brother, as she exposed Matt's claims to be a sham when she briefly posted on Twitter that "Jeff hasn't said anything to anyone about retiring".  Oops!
  • His credibility already in the toilet with the boys, Matt Hardy headed further down the U-bend with his self diagnosis of a fractured arm on Twitter after the Lockdown PPV was over:  "Close but no cigar tonight in a very physical & aggressive Lethal Lockdown match-I didn't get beat tonight but I may have fractured my arm".  Unsurprisingly the boys didn't buy the old sob story on the plane ride back to Orlando.  Moreover, Matt's girlfriend, Reby Sky, on her Sirius show was also none the wiser either before being prompted to his Twitter message.  Double oops!
  • Just like last year, Kurt Angle, recently arrested for drunk parking on a median, stole the Lockdown PPV show again with another trademark nutty gimmick match performance, this time with Jeff Jarrett.  Yes, the moonsault off the top of the cage was busted out again (see a video after the jump).  Moreover, Angle almost took an ugly top rope power bomb right on top of his head.  Really someone at this point needs to step in and save Kurt from himself, as we don't need to risk another Mitsuhara Misawa tragedy by allowing someone whose neck is likely in similar shape to Misawa's at the time of his death and Edge's now needlessly taking such reckless bumps.
  • In a petty move, Kurt Angle used Randy Orton's RKO in that match and snidely tweeted afterwards:  "To Randy Orton, as You said- Imitation is a form of flattery. Know that I did that out of Respect. GOD Bless."  Clearly the nefarious wrestling Twitter hacker has sadly struck Kurt Angle again!
  • Lots of unprotected weapons shots in the Lethal Lockdown main event.  We also had the cash strapped 62 year old Ric Flair working hard for 15 minutes, while bleeding like a stuck pig, on a torn rotator cuff.  Quite the public advertisement of TNA's shocking working conditions.  
  • Finally, Hulk Hogan clearly hasn't learnt from his embarrassing tweets about Edge's retirement where he insinuated he was a weakling for retiring on doctor's orders.  A few days later Hogan had this to say on Twitter about the mysteriously absent for nine months Desmond Wolfe's status with the company:  "Desmonds situation is beyond TNAs control,the ball is completely in his court".  Which seems to be suggesting that whatever's wrong with Desmond he should suck it up and return to work.  Clearly Hogan has no qualms about allowing guys to wrestle who aren't cleared to do so by their doctors.

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