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TNA announce three-day cruise in December

TNA wrestling have announced in their website that they are planning a three night cruise to The Bahamas:

TNA Wrestling is hitting the ocean in December with a special fan cruise to the Bahamas with the TNA Superstars! More details and ordering info coming this week at

Includes:  3 night cruise, all meals onboard, VIP Cocktail Reception, Breakfast Meet & Greet, "Splash Bash" Beach Party including an evening pass to Breezes Bahamas that includes food, drinks, and entertainment from 6pm to 2am Friday night, VIP early access to Final Resolution PPV, VIP early access to TV tapings on Dec 12 & 13.

Price is $479 per person based on double occupancy for Interior Cabin and $579 per person based on double occupancy for Ocean View Cabin.

They aren't the first wrestling company to flirt with the concept of wrestling cruises: WCW has their "Bruise Cruise" in 1991, which was ultimately unsuccessful and lost money. The somewhat-shady Wrestlers Rescue group also advertised a a cruise in 2009...that never happened. And does anyone remember WWF's WrestleVessel? No? Well, there's a good reason for that. 

While it's an interesting idea, albeit one with a dubious track record in pro-wrestling (apparently Bob Ryder came up with it), the tickets for the Titanic 2 TNA cruise are expensive. Indeed people who have knowledge in area claiming what TNA is charging is roughly double what most companies ask for three-day cruise getaways. At this rate they won't get enough customers to fill a fishing boat nevermind an entire cruise. Indeed, I fully expect TNA to cut down the price, similar to how they slashed prices for last year's Victory Road party package tickets after the originally priced tickets (at $299) sold in rather low numbers (rumoured to be four.)  

While I am not a business mind, I would also like to point out one obvious flaw in their plan to TNA brass: You are expecting people to pay $500 to be alone on a boat, for three days with no escape, with Mr Anderson!? By the time he's repeated "Asshole" for the 130849th time, there may desperate people jumping overboard, for God's sake! By day 2 they'll be begging for an iceberg!

That said, we must give credit to Wrestling's First Couple, Karen and Jeff, for finding a way to get a romantic vacation...and have the company pay for it. I have to say: The freeloader in me is impressed. 

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