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Cageside Quote: Jim Ross Not Thrilled With UFC Primetime, TUF 13


WWE personality and color commentator Jim Ross shared his thoughts on the recent UFC Primetime featuring Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields, as well as The Ultimate Fighter:  Team Lesnar vs. Team Dos Santos.  I can't say I'm surprised with his comments, which he posted on his blog:

Watched the GSP-Jake Shields 30 minute UFC Prime time special Thursday night. It was OK but not a compelling show largely in part to both fighters being somewhat low key and remaining professional. I'm going to buy the PPV nonetheless from Toronto but the TV special, while having good production values and being well edited, felt sort of like a nice bowl of oatmeal with nothing on it.

The TUF TV rating has been disappointing to me. I understand that Spike is no powerhouse network but I thought that more UFC fans would invest in the show on Wednesday nights. Because Spike's overall TV rtgs aren't stellar one would think that airing ample amounts of promos for TUF on other networks would be advantageous.

TUF is largely about the cast and no one individual on the cast stands out to me as of yet.

UFC Primetime pulled an average 610,000 viewers, which isn't bad considering that it aired at midnight, but one has to think that the show would be better served backing a fighter that hasn't been featured as many times as GSP.  What's more important though, is that if I keep on quoting JR's blog, I may very well end up buying some of his BBQ sauce.    

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