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Edge announces retirement due to neck injuries on WWE Raw

Just now on WWE Monday Night Raw, (Smackdown) World Heavyweight Champion Adam "Edge" Copeland was suddenly hyped as announcing his retirement, which he did in fact do in what does not appear to be an angle.  If you remember what it was like when Shawn Michaels vacated the WWF Championship on the Thursday Raw Thursday special 14 years ago due to a "career-threatening knee injury," it felt as left-field as that did, if not more.

After hyping that Edge had a special announcement, it was then teased that he was announcing that he was retiring.  He came out (without the belt), and as soon as he used the word "wrestling," oddly enough, it became clear that this probably wasn't an angle.  He explained the situation:

As many of you know, he had his spinal column fused several years ago after a severe neck injury.  Recently, the pain got worse and he decided to tough it out past Wrestlemania and then see what his doctor said.  He's been losing feeling in his arms, so the damage has gotten so severe that the doctor told him to retire, and he not to go along with it so he doesn't end up in a wheelchair.  His words, not mine, so yes, he was being very candid.  He went over his childhood fandom, history with the company, etc., and said he was glad he got to end his career at Wrestlemania in a World Title match in one of the main events.

He walked up the ramp to a standing ovation as they went to a commercial break, and was shown hugging some of the other wrestlers when they came back.

In case you're wondering, the World Heavyweight Championship wasn't mentioned at all.  I'm guessing they'll either hold the title up tomorrow at the Smackdown tapings and change the Extreme Rules match to Alberto Del Rio vs Christian for the vacant title or do a battle royal to immediately crown a new champion.

More on this as it develops, and kudos to Edge for listening to his doctor and not working on the injury after it became clear it was serious.

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