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UFC Switching Fight Streams to Myspace (April 1st Announcement)

After making waves with the success of their preliminary fights on Facebook, Zuffa L.L.C. announced today that they will be taking the next major step in social network marketing by streaming preliminary fights on

"In this business you’ve got to have friends", said UFC President Dana White, "and nobody has more friends than Tom from Myspace."

Starting this month with their April event, every preliminary fight not aired on Spike TV or Facebook will be shown on Myspace. One would have to be a fool to miss this opportunity.

More on this unbelievable breaking story after the jump.

The UFC is always looking to expand their product to new audiences and they feel that Myspace users are a huge untapped market.

"Right now we’re very popular with the average male," said White, "but think what we’d be capable of if we threw crappy garage bands, spam bots, creepers and hipsters into the mix. Today, Myspace, tomorrow, the world!"

If the move to Myspace is successful, don’t be surprised if Orkut is finally given its moment to shine on the upcoming August "UFC Rio" event in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The site has a cult following in Brazil and India.

"I don’t understand it but Orkut is like crack to these Brazilians", White stated. "They don’t even use Myspace or Facebook, it’s Orkut, Orkut, Orkut over there. Americans don’t even know what the hell it is but our prelims would only be seen on about 37 computers if we held them on the traditional social networking sites in Brazil."

The UFC first began streaming preliminary fights with the "Fight for the Troops 2" show on January 22nd. It was only a matter of time before Myspace came calling.

"Our ultimate goal", said White in closing, "is to be the next Tila Tequila."

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