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Video - TNA "star" Brian Kendrick turns up on The Price Is Right

In an awesomely mind boggling video, contracted TNA wrestler Brian Kendrick turned up unannounced on The Price Is Right this week as an every day citizen, not a current pro wrestling superstar.  Bryan Alvarez yesterday expressed surprise that TNA failed to promote this mainstream appearance:

-- Got tons of reports of Brian Kendrick on the Price is Right today.  TNA did a hell of a job promoting this one.  As in, they did no job promoting it at all.

Gee I wonder why?  It's probably because they weren't aware of this appearance by Kendrick, who may have went into business for himself so to speak, because he lives in Los Angeles where the show is taped and he's a mark for a cheesy gameshow that he grew up with.  Moreover, it reflects badly on TNA that one of their so called stars could appear on such a mainstream show with no-one in the audience or production recognising that he's actually a celebrity as a major league pro wrestler.  Not to mention that it's further anecdotal evidence that TNA fails to pay a liveable wage to their under-appreciated undercard workers.  Watch the video above to see if appearing on The Price Is Right proved to be a lot more profitable than his day job of appearing on Impact each week.  Well, at least when he gets booked on TNA's flagship show.

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