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WWE Smackdown spoiler-free preview and spoilers for 3/11/11 (Taped 3/8)

Spoiler-free preview:

Kane vs Wade Barrett

Cody Rhodes vs JTG

Layla vs Kaitlyn

Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre

Triple H's response to The Undertaker

More featuring John Cena, Christian, Edge, and Alberto del Rio, among others.

Spoilers after the jump.

Edge demanded an immediate match with Alberto Del Rio, who was scheduled to wrestle Christian.  Del Rio came out with Brodus Clay, which led to a brawl and Teddy Long coming out to announce a tag match with The Team of Edge & Christian reuniting to take on Del Rio & Clay.

1. Kane defeated Wade Barrett in under a minute, leading to:

2. Kane & The Big Show defeated Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel by DQ when the rest of The Corre ran in.  Big Show ran them off with a chair and then nailed Kane with it for some reason.

3. Cody Rhodes (in street clothes) defeated JTG in under a minute

Michael Cole was supposed to interview John Cena, but Cena took the microphone from him and cut a promo on Miz, who Cole accused him of being scared of.  When Cena menaced Cole, Jack Swagger ran in.  He stopped Cena from giving Cole the Attitude Adjustment but took it himself before Cole ran away.

4. Layla beat Kaitlyn in about a minute.  LayCool beat up Kaylyn after the match.

5. Rey Mysterio defeated Drew McIntyre in a little over 5 minutes in what was praised as a good match while it lasted.

Triple H gave his response to The Undertaker.  The gist was that Michaels couldn't beat Undertaker because he couldn't keep his emotions under control, but Triple H has a dark side etc etc.  Then Taker came out and they had a throat slash/crotch chop exchange.

6. Edge & Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio & Brody Clay in just under 6 minutes after Christian tornado DDT -> Edge elbow drop combo on Clay.  Del Rio and Edge never faced off.

Dark Match: Edge, Christian, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, & Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio & The Corre in just under 12 minutes when Slater took everyone's finishers ending with the Attitude Adjustment.

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