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WWE shows up TNA again by signing Jersey Shore's Snooki for a TV appearance

Snooki - too big a star to appear for TNA!  (Wikimedia Commons)
Snooki - too big a star to appear for TNA! (Wikimedia Commons)

Rumoured earlier in the day by TMZWWE has officially announced that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi will be the guest star of next Monday's Raw.  This appearance may set up another one at WrestleMania, as Dave Meltzer confirmed that WWE has been trying to get her to appear at their biggest show of the year for some time.

By signing Snooki, the biggest female star on the hit reality show Jersey Shore, WWE shows up TNA yet again.  TNA now looks minor league for giving Becky Bayless the Snooki ripoff gimmick Cookie and wasting their money having Jersey Shore's lesser female stars JWoww and Angelina Pivarnick appear on Impact.  This is the second promotional own goal by TNA this year, with TNA allowing Kevin Nash and Booker T to be signed from under their noses by WWE to appear at the Royal Rumble, despite TNA having already shot an angle for their return.