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Monday Night Raw Liveblog 3/7/11


Tonight we have a big RAW coming up. Tonight is the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Will there be a Stunner or two tonight? Also Cena will have a knock out blow planned for The Rock. He has to get serious in my opinion, if he want to be on the Rock's level. Also I am hearing that The Miz is Protesting RAW somehow. Like I said, it's a big show, lets get to it.

  • To start the show they have a recap of Triple H and how he dominated last week.

  • The Undertaker comes out first. I like his new music by Johnny cash (My bad). It makes for a different feel. He is the Last of the Outlaws. This according to Michael Cole who is ringside doing commentary. Only 27 days away from Wrestlemania. He is accompanied my Josh. The Undertaker said he has heard the rumors. Some say that he is getting old and will lose this year. Others feel that Triple H is the guy that will end the streak. He reminds H about the last two Wrestlemanias.They show a Montage of the last two years as he fought Sean Michaels. No DQ. No Count out. No Rules. No Holds barred. The Undertaker said if Triple H ends the streak he will die, or else Triple H will die trying.

  • The cut to a scene in the back Randy Orton is fighting off Nexus. They gain control and Punk steps in. Orton should not have punted the two members of Nexus. After banging Orton's head against a metal wall a few times, he hit him with a GTS. Then he tells Nexus to drag him to the ring.

  • Coming back from break Orton is in bad shape in the ring. After they Rough up Orton some more. Ortunga is yelling at the ref to ring the bell. It seems Ortunga and Orton are scheduled to fight tonight. If Ortunga win he will be allow to be in Punks corner at Wrestlemania. David Ortunga is in control and lands his finishing move that they never said the name of. Only gets a two count. Ortunga pulls him up only yo get hit with an RKO. Mason Ryan come out and gets one also. Now Orton is thinking about punting Ortunga. Before Punk can run in to save him, Bam! Ortunga will be out for a long time. Winner Orton

  • Later tonight, Michael will announce who he will pick as the guest referee, in his Wrestlemania match with Lawler.

  • WWE Slam of the Week. They show the ending of the Cena Cage match last night. Alex Riley will be fired tonight.. Oh, I forgot the Skull Crushing Finale.

  • The Text Message from the Miz is Shown. He is boycotting Raw and will not be here tonight.

  • Out comes Christian and the Alberto Del Rio comes out announced by his ring announcer. The difference this time, is that he is accompanied by Brodus Clay. If Christian wants to fight Del Rio he has to beat Clay.

  • Christian vs Brodus Clay. Brodus is in control early on. It is really good to see Christian again. Clay is huge. I didn't get to watch him too often but he is huge. Christian is making a comeback now. Lands two Drop Kicks off the top turnbuckle. 2 count. After a bit he land a DDT off the Rope for the ! 2 3. Del Rio attacks him after the match and put Christian in the Cross Arm breaker. Winner Christian

  • Cena tweeted he will deliver the Knockout blow tonight. The Rock replied the he better bring it. We will see. It's coming soon.

  • Wow Sin Cara looks awesome in the package they put together for him. I can't wait.

  • Next Hall of Fame Inductee Sunny. She was quite the looker and flirt. One of the Original Divas is now in the Hall of Fame.

  • Eve the Divas Champion is coming out to the ring. She will be having a match after the break.

  • Eve W/ Gail Kim vs Nickie Bella W/ her twin. Diva Championship Match. Eve is in Control early on. And all Michael Cole can talk about is his special Guest Referee. Josh is trying to focus on the Match. Nickie is in control and Cole interrupts on a live mic. He is yelling to the Crowd that the match doesn't matter. He wants it over so he can make his announcement. Eve win after a failed switcheroo. Winner Eve.

  • After the Match Cole gets on the mic again and tell everyone he will make his announcement next.

  • From break, they show a recap of last week when Lawler was attacked.

  • Cole is in the ring. He is bragging about his"Main Event Match" He has a contract in his hands. Whoever signs the contract will be the Ref. Cole Claims he picked a referee that will be impartial. He give the guy a huge build up before announcing that the Guest Referee will be after teasing Austin, NOPE not Austin , It will be JBL In comes his Stretch limo. This is another great pickup for team Cole. JBL and Jack Swagger. JBL is going to Wrestlemania. He said no one ever has debut at the main event of Wrestlemania Cole is Special.He saw it a long time ago. He is a survivor. JBL Is the man for the job. As JBL goes to sign the contract out comes Stone Cold. JBL is getting in Austin's face I see a stunner coming. JBL just got stunned. Austin now celebrating in the ring with his beer. He sees the contract and smiles to the crowd. Cole is Begging him outside of the ring for Austin not to sign it. Austin Ask the Crowd. Cole is freaking out. He gets a beer and goes over to Cole. He tells him Good luck in your match then pours his beer on him. Wow great segment. Sure to be on you tube by the morning. Austin knows how to really make an impact. His arms looked huge.

  • They showed Cole and Jack Swagger in the back. Jack tell s him to focus on his training for Lawler.

  • Out comes Lawler to call the rest of Raw.

  • Daniel Bryan vs King Sheamus Before the match they show how Sheamus has been getting beat up so much lately. This was a good match but as it is getting going Sheamus takes a bad fall out of the Ring he hurts his foot. He gets counted out. Sheamus get a mic and challenges Daniel for a Title match next week so he can end his bad luck. If Sheamus doesn't win the title, he will quit. Winner Daniel Bryan

  • R Truth vs CM Punk I fear Truth will get hurt bad tonight. Early on Punk starts to target Truth's Shoulder. He rams it into the ringpost multiple time. Truth Punk wins via Anaconda Vise. After the match Mason Ryan hits Truth with a shoulder breaker. Winner CM Punk.

  • Shawn Michaels is tell us why Triple H wants to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He thinks That triple H has what it takes to end the streak.

  • Vickie Guerrero is now coming down the ramp.

  • Next week Snooki will be on Raw

  • EXCUSE ME! Vickie is in the ring. She introduces the newest member of RAW Dolph Ziggler. I for one am glad Dolph is off the B show and on RAW.

  • Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison.

  • Vickie is doing commentary and and said that even though she sold Dolph out on Smackdown they are still business partners. Dolph as been in control so far coming back from break. Morrison starts to turn thins around and start to hit his more aggressive moves. Morrison gets a two count but Ziggler with his foot on the rope. Zig Zag 1 2 3. as Vickie and Dolph are Celebrating in the ring. the Gm Interrupts. He said Vickie was not hired only Dolph. He said if he beats Trish next week she can have a job. Security comes and escorts her out of the arena.

  • Up next Cena delivers the Final Knockout. but first we preview Triple H's New Awesome movie.

  • Out comes Cena. He need to to a really good job, This is him by himself on the overrun.

  • Cena will not address the crowd in Rap. He will do it in Hip Hop. He said some thing and shows am 'Rock T shirt. "I bring it Via Satellite" . He feels good about himself but the Miz comes out and lays Cena out. He tell the rock he better pay attention to him. Hits Cena with Skull crushing Finale and "The Awesome Elbow" (the peoples elbow). The Miz Steals Cena attempt at being the showstopper. He wants everyone to know he is the Champion.

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