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Bellator 35 Picks

Welterweight Tournament QuarterfinalLyman Good (10-1) vs. Chris Lozano (6-0)

Kaleb Kelchner: Good by TKO, round 1

Lozano might be undefeated, but he hasn't met someone who's quite the fighter that Lyman Good is.  Good is going to come out strong, catch Lozano early, and call it a night.

Derek Suboticki:  Lyman Good by UD

Lyman is the better fighter.

KJ Gould: Good by TKO Round 1

I know it's only Bellator and Bjorn Rebney has ideas above his station when it comes to the quality of his roster (Eddie Alvarez is the exception, not the rule) but Good is a big step up in competition for Lozano. I think Good wrecks him in the first.

Welterweight Tournament QuarterfinalDan Hornbuckle (22-3) vs. Brent Weedman (17-5-1)

Kaleb:  Hornbuckle by submission, round 2

I expect that Hornbuckle is going to be on another level compared to Weedman.  On the feet, and on the ground, this fight is Hornbuckle's.  

Derek:  Hornbuckle by 2nd round submission

Hornbuckle is the better fighter.

KJ: Hornbuckle by Decision.

Despite having a similar number of fights, Hornbuckle has been in there with better fighters. I think Weedman can last but see it as being fairly one sided for Hornbuckle. Plus I  wan't to buck the trend of saying submission Round 2.


Welterweight Tournament Quarterfinal: Anthony Lapsley (19-4-0-2) vs. Jay Hieron (19-4) 


Kaleb: Hieron by decision.

Reason:  It will be interesting to see how Hieron handles the competition in Bellator, by all means, he should be able to blow through most of the fighters he'll face.  Lapsley is no exception.

Derek: Hieron by 2nd round TKO

Reason: I'm not happy that Jay didn't return to the UFC, but after how Strikeforce did him, I'll be nice and assume his big fish/small pond thing works out.

KJ: Hieron by TKO Round 1

Another instance of similar records on the surface but a chasm in competition faced under neath. And Hieron won't be taking Lapsley lightly due to the tournament format and a quest to be the champ albeit of a minor league promotion.

Welterweight Tournament QuarterfinalJim Wallhead (21-5) vs. Rick Hawn (9-0)

Kaleb: Hawn by TKO, round 2

Hawn is a beast, he's going to lay hands, knees, feet, and elbows all over Jim Wallhead.  Finish of the night right here.

Derek:  Hawn by decision

Reason: I know exactly nothing about either of these fighters.

KJ: Wallhead by Wallhead-ing

I've heard Wallhead hyped for years in the UK and there was a bit of a furore as to why he hadn't been picked for the Season 9 cast of The Ultimate Fighter. Watching his matches though the hype doesn't deliver. He's not a bad fighter, he's just a lesser version of Jon Fitch in Judo clothing. Hawn may be the better credentialed Judoka but Wallhead finds ways to win a decision and has far more experience in MMA. But then he hasn't faced an athlete like Hawn before, so who knows? I think people are still obsessing over Hawn's standing Seionage though.

Women's (125 lbs.): Zoila Frausto (10-1) vs. Karina Hallinan (3-4)

Kaleb: Frausto by KO, round 1

Could this be a more obvious can crushing?  Sheesh.


Derek: Frausto by 1st round KO

Squash matches gonna squash.

KJ: Frausto by 1st round KO

Ehh ... I'm annoyed she didn't stick around at 115lbs to accept a rematch with Megumi Fujii who walks around probably close to 115lbs anyway. After this highlight real I'd like to see her take on some real competition like a rematch with Rosi Sexton or a new match with Roxanne Modaferri. Unless Bjorn does his usual stupid claim of wanting them to run through a tournament first like he's doing with Joe Warren. Fighters do accomplish great things outside of Bellator, ya know? Anyway sidetracked - Frausto by raging demon punchbag combo.

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