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Strikeforce Feijao vs Henderson Picks

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Rafael Cavalcante vs. Dan Henderson

Kaleb Kelchner: Hendo by decision.

My money is on Henderson getting in tight early, working his clinch game to frustrate and wear down Cavalcante. On the feet, Hendo is about as predictable as the sun rising every morning, looking to land bombs that have no great set up, Cavalcante may be able to bother him there, but as soon as he begins to tee off, Hendo will rush in and shut it down with a clinch.  I'm going with Henderson taking a decision.

Derek Suboticki: Henderson by 2nd round TKO.

If Henderson wins, Strikeforce is down a hot young prospect with a legend under his belt and up a 40 year old champion whose best days are behind him.  It would also be a fantastic ending to the Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis of MMA, in which Strikeforce signed (and relentlessly hyped) Hendo to beat Jake Shields and Shields dominated Dan for four rounds en route to the UFC.  Hooray, chaos. 

KJ Gould: Feijao by Decision

Hendo is a different fighter to Mo Lawl. He doesn't typically shoot in but does throw bombs in both hands. But he's not someone Feijao's camp has never prepared for before. Black House know what Hendo can do going back to his fight with Anderson Silva and as a result will be better prepared this time. Hendo is also older and I'd say his star is fading. He's still dangerous but in the first round only these days in my opinion. I won't be as bold as to say Feijao by submission continuing the tradition of Black House vs Henderson so I'll say a decision win instead.


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Marloes Coenen vs. Liz Carmouche

Kaleb: Coenen by submission, round 2.

Carmouche is a sacrificial lamb in this fight, replacing Meisha Tate (mmm, Meisha Tate)  Right!  The MMA Gods will be pleased with this sacrifice, and grant a smooth, although delayed second round of the Strikeforce World Grand Prix after April.  Back to the topic.  I'm going with Coenen by submission, pouncing on Carmouche after tagging her on the feet. 

Derek: Marloes Coenen is eons beyond her opponent in every facet.  Coenen by whatever she wants (probably an armbar).

KJ: Coenen by TKO round 1

Of the fights I've seen Coenen tends to submit off her back and that's usually because other fighters take her down. I can't see Carmouche doing that so I'll say Coenen drops her with a Golden Glory combo and finishes her on top with some G'n'P.


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Tim Kennedy vs. Melvin Manhoef

Kaleb:  Kennedy by submission, round 1.

Haha, Kennedy says he's going to knock Manhoef out?  I don't buy that at all.  He's going to take him down after goading him into throwing his typical bombs, and it won't be long then.

Derek: Kennedy via submission.

I don't know if I've ever gone from smile to frown quicker than when Robbie Lawler caught a sloppy Manhoef after being painted with Polio for the duration of the first round.  Still hurts to think about.  Never again will I get my hopes up about Manhoef - even in a stand up battle, he can break your heart at any time.

KJ: Kennedy via Ground TKO

Kennedy is not going to stand with Manhoef, even if he believes his science is sweeter and he can hit without getting hit back. It's not worth the risk with a striking juggernaut like Manhoef and Kennedy should be more cerebral. Takedown to pass to mount to punch-punch-punch until the referee stops it all the while Manheof flops like a fish.


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Billy Evangelista vs. Jorge Masvidal

Kaleb: Evangelista by decision.

Just don't think Masvidal has what it takes to take this fight.

Derek: Evangelista by decision.

I think Masvidal is in trouble here.  Surviving a fat Paul Daley (but really, is there any other kind?) notwithstanding, I think Evangelista is ready to take a step up in competition.  Rare golf applause for the matchmaking.

KJ: Evangelista via TKO round 2

Despite last fighting at a blown up 170lbs, and despite saying his cut to Light Weight has been easy for the first time in his career by using the services of a nutritionist for the first time in his career, you still have to look at Masvidal's last few performances and thinkg "ehh ...". Evangelista should have this no problem and opportunity is there for a highlight reel finish.

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