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A look at why the Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos to WWE rumors seem strange

The idea that Cristiane Santos (better known as Cyborg to just about everyone) would try to negotiate with WWE doesn't necessarily surprise me.  That people are claiming to reporters that it's actually close to happening is where I'm thrown.

I don't want to delve into the obvious parts too much but a certain look is favored in WWE, even moreso for the women.  At one point this was even close to an official policy, where there was a small number of slots for wrestlers who didn't look a certain way.  They already have a monster heel in Kia "Awesome/Amazing Kong" Stevens signed and waiting in the wings.  Cyborg isn't especially big physically.  She's not especially famous.  She does need to motivate Strikeforce into giving her fights.

She hasn't fought since she destroyed the much smaller and less skilled Jan Finney 9 months ago.  That was the best that Strikeforce could do for her then and she hasn't fought since, as there's no depth at 145 pounds.  The depth is in the lower weight classes.

Now she's desperate and needs a fight to make money.  With Dana White finding women fighting all icky, she can't play UFC against Strikeforce.  WWE at least uses women in something resembling an exhibition of combat and it's easier to get wrestling rumors started since the wrestling business is much more closed off than MMA.  That takes us to this story.  The original report from Tatame said that she and her husband (fellow fighter Evangelista Santos AKA Cyborg AKA Mr. Cyborg) met with WWE officials at the Raw show in Anaheim 2 weeks ago.  If they were there, why didn't any of the wrestlers tell, say, Dave Meltzer about it along with stuff like the story of how everyone watched The Rock's promo in awe?  This would be sort of a big deal, too.

It just doesn't fit.

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