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Full video of Sin Cara vs Primo from Cara's debut WWE house show tour

As teased by the video of his post-match celebration after his WWE debut match that I linked to, a helpful YouTube uploader has provided us all with the second match between Sin Cara (the former Mistico) against Primo Colon from Cara's first WWE house show tour this past weekend.  The camerawork is terrible and the lighting is blown out but it's still watchable.


He's adapted to WWE style better than I expected him to so quickly and it sounded like the fans were impressed by him.  I would think that Primo will be Cara's opponent next week on Raw for his TV debut, but I wonder how long he'll be paired with smaller heels that can showcase him properly like Primo, Tyson Kidd, and...ummm...yeah.  It should be interesting to see how he's handled over the course of the next several weeks, since he's not Rey Mysterio, who was quickly thrown into the mix with the less flexible "WWE style" wrestlers, but had years of experience working American style.

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