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UFC on Versus 3: Sanchez vs. Kampmann Live Results and Play by Play


Join us for live results and play by play for UFC on Versus 3: Sanchez vs. Kampmann tonight beginning at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT live on Versus.  The night begins with two WEC veterans kicking things off when former WEC bantamweight champion Brian Bowles returns to action against Damacio Page.  Then, Alessio Sakara meets Chris Weidman, followed by Mark Munoz taking on C.B. Dollaway.  Finally, in the main event, Diego Sanchez looks to establish himself as a formidable force in the welterweight division as he faces Martin Kampmann.

Live results and play-by-play begins after the jump!

Brian Bowles vs. Damacio Page:

Round 1:  Bowles jabbing early, Page throws a big right hand, then launches an onslaught, with a flying knee, head kick, and more big punches.  Bowles survives and gets away, but Page is going all out.  Outside leg kick lands solid for Page.  Bowles doing his best to stay away, eats another leg kick.  Bowles eats another, then tries to counter with a hook that misses.  Bowles scores with a straight and a hook.  Page swinging for the fences, but hits nothing but air.  Knee lands for Page, Bowles back pedals again.  Nice right hook to the body by Bowles, Page taunts, then lands a leg kick.  Bowles rocks Page with a right hand, gets him to the mat, and lands some shots from the top.  Bowles snatches up a guillotine, and PUTS PAGE TO SLEEP!  Beautiful!  Bowles wins via Submission, round 1.

Alessio Sakara vs. Chris Weidman:

Round 1:  Weidman throws a head kick early, misses.  Weidman lunges forward, but Sakara easily steps out of the way.  Sakara watching out for take downs.  Left hook-right hook-leg kick for Sakara, leg kick lands solid.  Sakara letting go of his strikes more now.  Weidman goes for a take down, clinches, and Sakara manage to get away.  Straight right by Weidman lands solid.  Weidman letting his hands go now, Sakara throws his hook to leg kick combo again.  Weidman goes for a take down, working for it against the cage.  Rogan just bashes the crowd for chanting USA, calls them douches.  Nice!  They separate, Weidman throwing bombs, Sakara launches body shot counters.  Another take down defended by Sakara.  Sakara trying to goad Weidman into a brawl.  Head kick by Sakara is blocked, the round ends with Weidman throwing a straight.  I'd like to score this a 10-10, but we'll go 10-9 Sakara.

Round 2:  Weidman scores a single leg after they feel each other out.  Sakara working a closed guard.  Weidman opening up now, moves to side control.  Sakara is bleeding bad now.  Looks like is pouring out of the center of his forehead.  Weidman looking for a mounted crucifix, but he loses it.  Sakara tries to turn over and eats four punches to the face.  Weidman still in half guard.  Sakara moves to half guard, then escapes!  They stand, Sakara throws a body shot, Weidman goes for another take down, and gets it against the cage.  Sakara pushes him off with his legs, stands, and they clinch against the cage.  The ref calls time for the doctor to check out this gash.  Ref says he's good to go, and we're back to the fight.  Sakara lands a solid leg kick.  Leg kick by Weidman now.   Sakara trying to land a bomb, Weidman feeds him a hard punch of his own.  Two NASTY body shots by Sakara, then lands two more after going to the head.  Sakara came back hard, but 10-9 Weidman.

Round 3:  They trade jabs to begin.  Two, three then four body shots by Sakara, beautiful stuff.  Weidman scores a slick take down, working side control against the fence.  Sakara needs to get up ASAP if he doesn't want to drop the decision here.  Elbow by Weidman.  Short hammer fists as he tries to set up the elbow.  Sakara bucks, gets Weidman to half guard again.  Elbow lands for Weidman.  He postures up and drops two nasty punches to the chin of Sakara.  Wow, ref stands them up.  Ridiculous.  Sakara may have just be given his final chance.  Weidman pressing forward with strikes, then scores a take down against the cage.  Side control once again, Weidman pulls him away from the fence.  Sakara forces a scramble, but Weidman maintains position.  Sakara pushes him away with his legs and stands, Weidman jumps on a take down right away, and gets it.  Ref threatens with "You gotta stay busy!" ridiculous.  Weidman finish the fight on top.  10-9 Weidman. Weidman wins via unanimous decision.

Mark Munoz vs. C.B. Dollaway:

Round 1:  Hard leg kick by Dollaway to begin.  Munoz charges in, and gives up a take down.  Dollaway lets him up after a scramble.  Two huge right hands from Munoz and Dollaway is down!  A right straight and a right uppercut sent him crumbling to the mat, some strikes on top and the fight is stopped.  It looks early, but referee Mario Yamasaki believes Dollaway went out long enough to call the fight off.  Mark Munoz wins via TKO, round 1.

Diego Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann:

Round 1:  Sanchez looks tight defensively, Kampmann using a wide stance.  Kampmann throws some punches, none land flush, Diego clinches a throws a knee to the head that misses.  Punch lands for Diego.  Sanchez looking for a single leg, working against the cage for it.  Kampmann defends well, lands a knee to the chin on the exit.  Kampmann drops Sanchez with a straight right, but recovers.  Kampmann avoiding a take down now,  Sanchez has recovered, but he's not off to a good start.  Straight punches from Kampmann miss.  Big knee to the chin from Kampmann as Diego shoots in for a take down.  Sanchez fails the take down, they stand at striking distance again.  The straight right is finding Sanchez all night.  Sanchez with a knee from the clinch.  Right hook grazes Kampmann.  Right hand lands by Kampman.  Great fight thus far.  Sanchez shoots for a double leg, but once again, no dice.  Knee to the jaw by Kampmann.  Sanchez is busted up badly bleeding from the mouth and nose.  10-9 Kampmann.

Round 2:  Blood all over the chest of Sanchez.  Kampmann avoids the take down early.  They clinch against the cage.  They separate, and begin stalking one another.  Right hook lands for Sanchez.  Sanchez trying to open up more, but eats a jab.  Diego beginning to throw his rushing combo with the lead uppercut.  Kampmann yet to get off.  Take down attempt by Sanchez, fails, they clinch against the cage.  Sanchez drops down for a double, but Kampmann shrugs him off once again.  Two punches land for Diego, then he shoots for a take down.  Kampmann pushes him back, lands a hook.  Martin hasn't gotten off yet in this round, woah!  Sanchez pouring it on, they begin to bang it out trading hooks and straights, Kampmann comes out worse for wear, but gets out of the way.  Head kick misses by Sanchez.  Sanchez running in throwing, eats a straight right.  Sanchez lands a solid shot again.  Combo ends with a hard right hook by Sanchez.  Hard straight right stuns Diego, he shoots for a single, can't get it.  Diego tries to bomb at the end of the round, and again comes out on top, landing some hard right hands.  10-9 Sanchez

Round 3:  Both men are cut, but are ready to go out and win the final round.  They touch gloves.  Kampmann working jabs, looking to set up the straight right.  Sanchez plows forward with a combination, then looks for a single leg.  Kampmann defends, and lands a knee.  A take down could seal this fight for either man at this point.  Big right hand lands for Diego, but he eats an even bigger right straight.  Kampmann now avoiding wild exchanges.  Take down defended once again by Kampmann.  Sanchez lands a left and a right that backs up Martin.  Sanchez dives for a double leg and gets it!  Sanchez in side control, and then tries to take his back, but Kampmann slips away!  They stand, and begin trading once again.  The round is still up for grabs, but Kampmann needs to do work.  Right hand by Kampmann answered by a right hook from Sanchez.  Final minute coming up, Diego begins to brawl, Kampmann getting caught.  Kampmann appears to have injured his hand, but he's fighting through it.  Sanchez smells blood.  Sanchez bleeding badly.  They end the fight with a flurry, great fight!!!  10-9 Sanchez, but this fight is close.  Sanchez wins via unanimous decision.

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