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UFC on Versus 3 Facebook Prelims: Live Results and Play by Play


Join Cageside Seats tonight for live results and play-by-play for UFC on Versus 3 Prelims on Facebook, beginning tonight at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.  First, Steve Cantwell squares off against the hard hitting Cyrille Diabate, then, Joe Stevenson meets WEC crossover, Danny Castillo.  You can watch the UFC prelims on Facebook by "liking" the official UFC page, and clicking the "live video" tab.

Live results and PBP after the jump!

Joe Stevenson vs. Danny Castillo:

  • Round 1:  (Coming in at 3:30 of the 1st round due to stream issues)  Big slam by Stevenson and he's in side control.  Castillo bucks him off and stands, they clinch against the cage.  Stevenson locks up a guillotine but Castillo's head slips out, and now he slams Stevenson to the ground.  Castillo works from guard and half guard, Stevenson looks for another choke, no dice.  Stevenson gets to his feet, Castillo throwing some hands.  Take down by Castillo.  Stevenson trying to stand, but Castillo works a headlock to keep Stevenson in place.  Stevenson stands, Castillo throws a big uppercut that misses.  Last minute.  Jab by Castillo.  Stevenson doubles up the jab, then eats two BIG shots from Castillo, but he's alright.  Castillo tries to follow up, but Stevenson circles.  Inside leg kick by Castillo.  Jab landing well for Castillo now, Stevenson closes the distance with a big punch, and a knee, the round ends.  10-9 Castillo from what I saw.
  • Round 2:  They touch gloves to begin the round.  Stevenson coming forward but staying tight as to not give up a take down.  Castillo looking to land hard punches now, but he's giving up accuracy.  Head movement from Stevenson as he tries to avoid the stiff jab of Castillo.  Castillo throwing snapping jabs and straights.  Castillo eats a jab to land a hard right of his own.  Nice leg kick by Castillo.  Stevenson tries for a double leg, but Castillo defends well,  Stevenson works hard and gets a nice slam again.  Stevenson in half guard, looking to keep Castillo and not allow him to escape.  Castillo trying to hold Stevenson but no luck.  Stevenson looks for an arm, but loses position, in guard now.  Castillo closes his guard, preventing Stevenson from posturing much.  Elbows from both men.  Castillo hold on to Stevenson again to prevent posturing.  Stevenson creates some distance, and Castillo pounces to his feet.  Castillo looks for a take down of his own, but throws an illegal knee as Stevenson drops to his knee.  Stevenson recovers after his break, and we begin with 30 seconds left in the round.  Flying knee misses for Castillo, who's trying to steal the round.  10-9 Stevenson, barely.
  • Round 3:  Inside leg kick by Castillo.  Jab lands for Stevenson.  Castillo again looking to land a big shot, missing a left hook.  Uppercut misses for Castillo.  Nice leg kick by Castillo again.  Stevenson closes the distance, looking for a double leg again.  Castillo defends well, Stevenson still driving forward though.  Castillo throwing knees to a dangerously down Stevenson.  Stevenson looking for an arm in guillotine, Castillo shrugs him off and throws him to the mat.  Stevenson stands, but Castillo is on him like white on rice.  Now Castillo looking for the take down against the cage.  They go down, Stevenson hanging on to a guillotine but loses it, which may just lose him the fight.  Castillo in half guard, then takes Stevenson's back as he tries to scramble.  Stevenson stands, they clinch against the cage, Castillo with a body lock from behind.  Castillo gets a solid take down, then lands a nice punch from half guard.  Stevenson stands again, Castillo once again gets the back.  Knees to the thigh from Castillo, Stevenson is bleeding from his ear.  Another take down by Castillo, then full mount.  Castillo drops bombs, Stevenson gets him off and stands, then eats some hard punches for his trouble.  Round ends.  10-9 Castillo.  Danny Castillo wins via unanimous decision.

Steve Cantwell vs. Cyrille Diabate:

  • Round 1:  Very excited for this fight, I'm expecting fireworks.  They touch gloves, Cantwell jabbing and kicking early.  Diabate lands a nice kick to the body, and a solid inside leg kick.  Head kick blocked by Cantwell.  Diabate throws a nice combination, nothing landing solid though.  Diabate pushes forward, lands a grazing straight, a counter straight backs him up.  Sick body kick by Diabate, he throws another, Cantwell explodes through with a take down.  Cantwell working to pass from half guard.  Nearly passes to full mount, but Diabate saves himself, returning to half guard.  Not much work from Cantwell on top.  Wow, huge banner by the  UFC stream...Cantwell stands, looking to get around the long legs of Diabate.  Diabate stands, they clinch, Cantwell lands a knee, then Diabate answers with a knee to the body.  They reach striking distance.  Hard left straight by Diabate lands.  Near miss  on a knee to the jaw by Diabate.  Flying knee by Diabate misses, another knee attempt after a right hand by Cantwell.  Kick to the body lands for Diabate, then a knee in the same area.  Cantwell seems content to stand...odd...scratch that, he went for a take down.  Diabate shrugs it off, then lands  a massive knee!  Cantwell is down, and eating some punches, but he dives for a single leg.  Cantwell gets away, but eats a combination of punches to the chin as the round ends. 10-9 Diabate.
  • Round 2:  Cantwell looks to have recovered, let's see if he wrestles sooner in the round.  Diabate feinting knees, Cantwell covering all over.  Diabate picking his shots well here, not much landing though.  Inside leg kicks, then another hard kick to the body.  Cantwell goes for a take down, but it's defended well.  Diabate answers with a take down of his own, and lands some strikes from top, then stands.  Super man punch misses for Cantwell.  Uppercut misses for Diabate, but follows up with an inside leg kick.  Rogan describes the scene perfectly "Diabate looks like he's sparring", he is having a field day.  Three straight punches land in succession for Diabate.  Diabate fakes a knee, lands two great punches to the chin.  Cantwell's corner crying for take downs, he's not listening though.  Cantwell doubles up on the jab, then shoots for a take down, he loses it, Diabate takes his back as he's turtled on the ground.  Cantwell stands and clinches.  Diabate presses him to the cage,  and begins picking him apart.  Elbows, straight punches, and upper cuts.  Now Diabate throwing inside leg kicks and knees to the ribs.  Body kick lands for Diabate, then a take down attempt from Cantwell.  Diabate working in Cantwell's guard he has Cantwell cut bad on the bridge of the nose.  10-9 Diabate.
  • Round 3:  Cantwell looks lost in the cage.  They touch gloves.  Cantwell going to the body, but is a good half foot away.  Inside leg kick lands for Diabate, Cantwell throws a head kick that is blocked.  Left straight lands for Diabate.  Another leg kick from Diabate.  Elbow from Diabate, then a knee.  Diabate targeting that leg more in this round.  Cantwell throwing kicks that are blocked and checked with ease.  Diabate's straight punches are great.  More knees from the out side by Diabate.  Cantwell has yet to go for a take down.  Diabate picking him apart.  Big left straight cracks the jaw of Cantwell.  Take down stuffed by Diabate.  Cantwell just has failed to put up any real offensive attack.  One minute left, Rogan mentions that it's odd how Diabate hasn't looked to finish this as Cantwell just eats shot after shot.  Crowd boos, Diabte opens up some more.  Diabate has had his hands down nearly as much as he has had them up in this round.  The round ends, crowd is displeased with this stand and bang affair. 10-9 Diabate.  Diabate wins via Unanimous Decision.

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