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UFC on Versus 3 Round Table Picks

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Diego Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann

Kaleb Kelchner: Kampmann by decision.

This is a quality match, and I expect it to be absolutely one of the most exciting matches we'll see all year.  My heart says Diego, but I'm going with Kampmann to use his head and stay out of trouble long enough to edge out a victory.  Diego looked good in his last fight, but Kampmann also looked good (although foolish) in his loss to Jake Shields.  Diego's best chance is to get this to the ground, and be careful, problem is, Diego is constantly attacking, which makes it likely that Kampmann can escape back to his feet, or threaten with submissions.  On the feet, although Kampmann won't knock him out, he should be experienced and skilled enough to out strike Sanchez, who will have to reinvent his entire striking game if he wishes to not be predictable.  Kampmann's work on the feet, and off his back will have the fight end with his hand raised, barring foolish judges messing this one up.

Derek Suboticki: Kampmann by TKO Round 3

I cannot, on principle, pick a man that changed his nickname from "The Nightmare" to "The Dream" in a game of Tiddlywinks, let alone in a mixed martial arts bout.  Other than the aberrational loss to Daley (in which Martin maintains he became too emotional) and a close back-and-forth with Jake Shields, I've seen nothing but good stuff from Kampmann at 170.  If Diego wins, it will be by spirited submission, but I'll say that Kampmann TKOs him in the third.

KJ Gould: Kampmann by Unanimous Decision

No love for Diego here, at least as it relates to a result in his favour. Diego Sanchez was an example of a well rounded fighter a few years ago, but Martin Kampmann has shown to me to be a better well rounded fighter for today's game, both technically and I think even strategically with his methodical approach to fighting. I can see him picking Sanchez apart on the feet and stuffing most of his takedowns if he needs to, or even doing damage on top and and out positioning Sanchez the ground. Sanchez is tough and will likely survive though but we could see a few moments were Sanchez is in peril but some how manages to get through it.

C.B. Dollaway vs. Mark Munoz

Kaleb: Munoz by TKO, round 2

I'm not convinced Dollaway can get Munoz on his back, and even less convinced that he can handle his powerful punches.  I see a rough first round for Dollaway, followed by a painful, but exciting finish by Munoz, who pounces on Dollaway after dropping him with a big right hand.

Derek: Munoz by TKO round 2

CB Dollaway is another guy that grinds my gears.  Maybe it's the Doberman nickname.  Maybe it's his overall essence.  Maybe it's me.  Either way, it is what it is, and Munoz really gave Okami a pretty good fight.  Losing to a top three middleweight is nothing to be ashamed of or dog a guy over.  Munoz by 2nd round TKO sounds about right.

KJ: Dolloway by Decision

I think Dolloway's wrestling is actually on par with Munoz, and while the heavy handed American-Filipino favours ground and pound C.B. has more of a penchant for submissions. Will Munoz' training with the Nogueira's be enough to stay out of submission possibilities from Dolloway? Will Dolloway be able to catch Munoz with anything, or might he get tagged and finished? It's actually an interesting fight in that respect and for me too close to call. I just hope it doesn't end up being a snoozefest where both guys give the perception of wrestling as boring more stock.

Alessio Sakara vs. Chris Weidman

Kaleb: Sakara by TKO, round 1

I'm a real sucker for Sakara, and I'm not afraid to admit it.  He finishes this fight impressively, and hopefully gets a big step up after this win.

Derek: Sakara by boo-nanimous decision.

Chris Lytle and Alessio Sakara were holders of two of the most surprising three fight winning streaks in the division.  I know that one is over now (sheds a tear and curses Lytle's camp for letting him fight a month after knee surgery when his original opponent pulled out due to injury), so I'm going to go ahead and hold out hope for the second.  Having a beard makes your chin tougher - I read that on Sherdog, so it must be true. 

KJ: Sakara by TKO Round 2

I think Sakara is extremely lucky to have not faced Falcao Goncalves when originally booked. I think Falcao would have wrecked Sakara based on his performance against Gerald Harris (well, the first couple of rounds anyway). I see Sakara beating Weidman though; too much experience against someone who may be in the UFC too soon even if trainers Ray Longo and Matt Serra believe him ready for the big stage.

Brian Bowles vs. Damacio Page

Kaleb: Bowles by decision

I expect Bowles to be a little rusty, but he can handle whatever Page throws at him, and work to smother Page in the clinch or on the ground, easily securing a decision.

Derek: Bowles by KO Round 1

It's tough to criticize a guy for not fighting with a broken hand just because other fighters have kept going through worse.  Consequently, I'm not going to.  Bowles has really shocking power at 135 (lest we forget what he did to Miguel Torres' P4P aspirations) and is probably in line for a rematch with Cruz (whom won the belt from Bowles in the aforementioned injury bout) if he wins.  I'll take that as sufficient motivations to pick Bowles via 1st round KO.

KJ: Bowles by decision

I do see Bowles beating Page, but of Page's losses they have come by way of submission. His wins are mostly KO's and TKO's. now it may be he's not been in there with a heavy hitter like Bowles but I get a feeling he's going to hang in there and it's going to be a dog fight. My prediction: Fight of the Night.

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