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Monday Night Raw LiveBlog Recap 3/28/11 The Rock Confronts Cena? Now with Video Clips!


Tonight, live The Rock will be on Monday Night RAW. Verbally the Rock has owned Cena. Cena has tried hard but he tried so hard to come back hard he angered GLAAD. Well the time for talk is coming to an end. Also Triple H and The Undertaker will be face to face for the last time till Wrestlemania. Should be a very tense situation. They are building up "The Streak" as being more important than the WWE or World Heavyweight Title. Also CM Punk has to be seething. Randy Orton has eliminated every member of his Nexus Faction. Now he has no back up. How will he respond this week? Can he gain the upper hand before Mania? Another important thing is Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. It seems Sheamus has dropped his "King" gimmick, but he has been picking up steam. Sheamus is now the US Champion. He and Bryan will have a rematch at Mania. I expect that match to be one of, if not the best match of the night.. I didn't for get about the Miz, but it seems he is the forgot man in this. Cena came out strong last week. I expect The Miz will have a plan to show how "Awesome" he is, at either Cena's or The Rocks Expense. He had better be careful though. The final episode before WrestleMania is always good. This should be a great night to watch RAW.

  • CM Punk is sitting in the ring to begin the night. He clearly has the crowd in a lather. He says he is gonna miss this. The Chicago crowd is cheering him. In Memphis they will not be on his side. He doesn't care about these people or New Nexus. You got punted in the head? Not his problem. All he has to do is snap his fingers and some mindless loser will do whatever he wants. Now after last week Randy's wife sees him as a chump. Now Randy's family will never look at him the same way again. He will close the chapter Sunday at WrestleMania. As he goes to leave the ring out comes Orton. His knee is heavily wrapped and he is limping. As Orton gets in the ring Punk is all over him. Orton fight him off and it looks like he wants to punt Punk. He is gonna do it. He tried but his knee give out. Crowd is chanting for punk. Punk smells blood and Orton is in trouble. Punk take his knee out and is now in control. Go To Sleep. GTS for Punk. Clip here
  • It seems we have a three man booth tonight Josh, King and Cole in his Cole Mine.
  • Next Edge and Christian team up. This is the first time they have teamed up on RAW in 6 years.
  • Edge and Christian vs Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay: Brodus and Edge in the Ring to start things off. Edge and Christian are tagging often and wearing Clay down.Coming back from break. Del Rio is in control of Christian. He lost to Christian on SmackDown so he has to be focused. Del Rio and Clay are in control until Christian turns the tides. He makes the tag and in comes Edge. Edge sets up for a spear. Del Rio stops him but Christian Pulls him outside. Edge hits the Spear and Cole is pinned. While that is happening Del Rio puts Christian in the Cross Arm Breaker. He holds it till Edg3e runs in for the save and Chases Del Rio away. Del Rio comes back from the back while Edge is checking on Christian and puts the hold on him. Winner Edge and Christian pin
  • Tonight Trish and Snooki will but on Snooki's turf.
  • Sin Cara. I can't wait to see him Fight. They show another promo of his move-set. He is coming to RAW next week! watch here
  • And I Quote. After Last weeks beat down I need Jerry Lawler to prove he is ready for Wrestlemania. Lawler Will Face Jack Swagger.
  • Nice Video Package showing a recap of Undertaker and Triple H. I really hope this match lives up to all this hype. I just don't think it will. They are selling this story though.
  • Justin Gabrieal and Heath Slater, along with the Corre are in the Ring. Out Comes Big Show and Kane. Then out comes Santino and Koslov. The match has been set for an 8 man tag at Wrestlemania
  • Justin Gabriel vs Santino: Nice little Quick match, Santino hits the cobra for the win. Santino is celebrating in the ring he gets Big show to do his dance move and then he get Kane to do it. Funny. Winner Santino pin
  • Triple H is headed to the ring now and he looks serious.
  • The bell tolls and that can only mean one thing. The Undertaker is making his way down to the ring. Ain't no grave can hold his body down. He will win Wrestlemania, mark it down as my prediction. No one Singular man has had a career like him, He is the cream of this generation. Triple H's music hits before Undertaker is done and out comes the Game. As Triple H is about to do his water trick the bell tolls again and the lights go dark after a pause the bell tolls again and the lights come back on. Then the two have a stair off. This last even while the music hits and Shawn Michaels comes down to the ring. Shawn grabs the mic and saves this segment because Triple H can't talk. HBK asks why Triple H thinks he can do what HBK couldn't Undertaker isn't fazed by any of it. Great segment, too much to write. I'll just say this was the best segment of this feud so far. It showed that the Undertaker beat the confidence out of Shawn and he will do the same. Triple H said he will Show Undertaker is over the road and make him retire. Undertaker said it is not that time yet.Watch here.
  • Jerry Lawler vs Jack Swagger. Cole is ringside Swagger is in control but King breaks free. He gets himself disqualified by beating Swagger with a chair. He goes after Cole next but he hides in his Cole Mine, King tried to get at him but can't. He is gonna get torn apart at Wrestlemania.Winner Jack Swagger. DQ
  • Vickie comes out and does Morrison's entrance thing. As soon as she said Excuse me Instant heat. Can hear what she said but she has an evil laugh at the end.
  • Sheamus and Dolph vs Daniel Bryan and Morrison: Morrison was on a roll early on but Sheamus put an end to that right as they go to break... Coming back from break and Sheamus is in control. the pace picks up and they put on a Great match. Shat as it was. Most of it was during break. Winner Sheamus and Dolph pin
  • An announcer goes goes to Orton ans asked if he will make it to Wrestlemania. He said he hates Punk. The question shouldn't be will Orton make it to Mania, The question is will Punk make it out.
  • Final hall of Fame inductee. Road Warriors. Well deserved. I don't understand why WWE doesn't push the tag division. Grinds my gears. Watch this one here
  • Now Trish and Snooki in a bar. Snooki slaps a guy hitting on her. Laycool shows up. Cat Fight!
  • Now is time for the Mane Event. The Rock, John Cena and The Mix. That will be next...
  • Out Comes the Rock. The crowd is behind him big. I wonder how Cena will do.The Rock is in good Shape. "Finally the Rock has come back to Chicago" Back to the city where it all began for the Rock. He had his first Wrestlemania in Chicago. He is in Team Bring it. It's a way of life. You go after your dreams in team bring it. The Rock is going after his dream. He is calling out Cena. The Crowd chants Cena sucks. He said Cena looks like a homeless power ranger.. lol Cena you need to wake up The Rock is here. The People's Champ is Here. Cena's music hits and there are boos and cheers. The crowd is behind The Rock. Cena is kissing up to The Rock now. I smell a rat. The Miz comes out with Riley and says the Rock isn't here to fight. He has made to much money in Movies. He doesn't want to risk it. The Miz and Riley attack the Rock. The Rock Destroys Riley and then The Mix. Lands a People's elbow.The Rock is here to fight. Cena comes in and hits the Attitude adjustment on the Rock. HEEL Turn tease. Cena will not be the Champ next week my second prediction of the night. part 1, part 2, and Part 3 .
  • This was a really good RAW. I am pumped for Wrestlemania. I just don't think Cena will be the Champ. Nice last show before Mania. If you do the poll, please in the comment section tell me why you liked what you liked.

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